No elapsed time reconciliation of how much a thrall should have healed after a player logs back in

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Misc or perhaps Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceanic

I logged out at about 9.30 am leaving Cimmerian Berserker thrall who had taken damage during a fight and health pool less than half (about 2000 / 5130). When I next logged in at about 8 pm the same day I put the Cimmerian Berserker thrall back on follow and took him out to attack a boss. I noticed when he engaged the boss that his health bar was still at about 1/3 as it was when I had left him several hours earlier. When I ran to safety and opened the interface menu for him I saw that he was still about 2000/5130 and regaining health points.
Therefore I conclude that the game is not running a catch-up script to reconcile how much health he should have naturally regained over time between when I was near him to make him render and interactive with the environment and the next time my presence caused him to render and be active.
This I interpret as a bug as the game does run elapsed catch-up time scripts for other aspects of the game (eg crafting progress, decay timers, respawn of resources/NPCs) and therefore I would not expect that he should stay at low health over an extended time period.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. On a persistent server. Put a thrall on follow.
  2. Take thrall to a hostile NPC so he takes damage to 1/3 total health points.
  3. Return to a safe location which is isolated from where most players are likely to travel to reduce the proability that the thrall is rendered/activated by another players’ proximity which would confuse the assessment but where you and the thrall can not be damaged and set the thrall to guard.
  4. Time how long it takes for thrall to regain 100 health points - I timed this as approximately 53 seconds.
  5. Before logging off ensure the thrall has not returned to full health by opening an interface menu with him and take note of the general amount of health points the thrall has.
  6. Log out of the game for several hours.
  7. Calculate how many health points up to maximum health pool the thrall should have regained in the time elapsed. Log back into the game. Open the interface menu with the thrall and note how many health points he has regained.

Screenshots demonstrate the situation on a shorter timescale.
a) Screen shot taken at AEST 8.29pm, 1/6/19. Thrall health was 2849/5130. I logged out.

b) Screen shot taken at AEST 8.41pm, 1/6/19. Thrall health was 2899/5130.
With thrall health points being regained at 100 points per 53 second. The elapsed time between me logging out of the game and then back in to rendering the thrall into the game again was 12 minutes, which is 720 seconds and hence I would have expected the game would render the thrall with a health bar of 4207/5130. Instead I viewed the thrall having regained only 50 health points, which is about 26 seconds of elapsed time…

A confirmation if this is intended code (thralls will only regain health points when a player is in the vicinity and the game is not meant to run an elapsed time script to calculate how much they should have healed since last being rendered by the presence of a player) or if this is a bug would be appreciated.

I can confirm @Kwalya’s findings with pets on solo gameplay. This was brought up a while back and the general consensus was that no one visited the area, but that conflicts with the use of a catch-up timer.

I followed Kwayla’s process (although not as thoroughly) using 8 greater hyenas at TeleportPlayer 337437 185861 -20036, the three skull rhino.

No significant regeneration was affected over an hour period, only that natural heal while I was present.
This was his condition when I left the area.

This was his condition when I returned.

Using Kwalya’s “100 points per 53 second” as a generalization (I know, not a thrall), and rounding it off to 100HP per minute, I should see an additional 6000 HP, or a ‘mostly’ restored pet.

If regeneration is on a catch-up timer, it’s not working, guys.



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Hey @Kwalya and @Jim1

Thanks for sharing this. Looks similar as you mentioned to the “catch-up” script, but at least this time it seems a bit more reliable to reproduce. Sending it to our team.

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