Low health thralls after server-restart/game restart

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Misc]
Region: EU - SP and tested on server

aster server- or game restart

Each mal when i come back inworld after a server-restart or when i restart my singleplay, my thralls have low health. This isn’t realy noticable with low thralls, so Exiles thralls will regain health very quickly, same with thralls you may get throught the desert and jungle.

The problem starts with highter thralls, cimmerian, and especially thralls from the volcano. They have higher healt, and after each restart theyr health is back to the state just when they come out of the wheel, standing here in theyr injured animation. When you look at the health, health is definitevely back to the state just after breaking them, this also days and days after they arrived.

They regain slowly health over time while i’m online, but same problem occurs after a new restart. This fact makes them bit useless, they are easily harmed while regaining health, and they need still lot of time doing so.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. capture or spawn in a hight-level thrall
  2. place it inworld and let them regain full health
  3. restart server or single game
  4. watch thralls health after restart, very low health like after coming out the WOP

agreed, i have already reported that and i’m not sure if it is being looked into already, but as you said it makes thralls pretty much useless and easy targets for high lvl purge scenarios. And geez it takes so much time for a t4 archer from the volcano to recover his full health…
I’m glad i have switched back to SP and this issue is not there as well.

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Official #1006 here and i am having the same problem. A couple of others tested this as well and it seems that this is standard for everyone.
This is really not good if i get a purge on a base that i haven’t visited before that day.

For me it seems that i need to visit the Thrall to get him to start re-genning health.

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yes, indeed when you around your thralls they will regain health. But the problem remains, same the next day.

Looks to me they reset each mal the zone is resetting. I can move from base to outpost so all the long day, uping my thralls health, and when i come back next day, it restarts over.

can we get this thread bumped??? it seems like this problem is still happening. very aggravating. thralls for base defense is weakened by this bug.

It’s fixed on test live

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Finally! Thanks for the info!