Thralls spawn with very low health every time their area is initialized

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: All

When an area is initialized, many thralls (mostly fighters in my experience) spawn with nearly zero health, pretty much like they were just placed for the first time. Then they regenerate VERY slowly. This does not seem to happen to ALL thralls, but to most.

This is a rather large issue in both PvP and PvE servers. in PvP servers it makes defenses of remote bases extremely easy to overcome when their owner is offline (even easier than it normally is). Thralls that spawn in such a low-health state can easily be oneshotted.

In PvE servers, this provides a safe method for players to grief others, by pulling even relatively easy mobs against another player’s thralls. Even tier III-IV volcano thralls will spawn with 200-300 health, which can be easily be depleted.

My (obvious) suggestion is to make thralls spawn with low health only when they’re first placed. After that, they should always spawn with full health.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be the first to enter an area after a reboot of the server or after it hasn’t been visited for a while (I believe this causes the area to be inactive).
  2. Walk to a base with a number of thralls.
  3. Notice that a percentage of those thralls will be in their “bowed” weakened state, because they have 200-300 HP and they’re slowly regenerating.
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Totally agree with you, this is a real issue with the most fighter thralls.

Posted this issue some days ago still. If you grab some thralls from the volcano, they’re nearly useless in this state. Of course, people will barely mention it with lower thralls from the south, desert, but the higher they are, the worse this bug or issue is.

First i thought it was only after a server-restart, but is not. So i think you’re totally right, it’s an issue when the area is reloading, after restart or simply because you now walk by.