Thralls Spawning On Low Health

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Every single time I login after a server reset, all my thralls in multiple areas spawn/start with low health, holding their stomachs (as if you’ve just placed them for the first time). Even 8+ hours after the server reset.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login after server reset

We are seeing this too, on official PvP servers. Our thralls spawn in with very low health and start to heal slowly.

I can also confirm this is happening on our Official EU PvE server (#1028). It feels as though after a server reset, the thralls are being treated as freshly placed. Also, it seems as though they only regain health when you are in the area, but I think this has always been the case.

I think it’s because when no player is near the area they do not exist, and are spawned in when a player is close enough.

This has caused many thrall deaths on our server 1726 to wildlife around bases. Please fix this asap. This is a huge problem.

I have this problem too! I thought they had been fighting something until I noticed that all my indoor thralls are low health too. They seem to start on about 200hp and heal slowly but only when I’m in range of them. So, I’m having to stand beside them for ages until they get to full health. After server reset they’re low health again. Incredibly tedious when our clan on PVE has a public map room that we maintain at each obelisk.

We already lost a bunch of thralls through foundations… now we’re losing them because of low health.

Same issue 5 different bases all my guard thralls are 1/4 health

There may be some correlation between when the thrall was recruited and this behavior. Can you confirm this happens with new thralls? Because any I have recruited or spawned within the last 6+ days have not behaved this way.

i agree, i see same in my different base.

At each restart, or simply when the area is reloading, they’re resetting to the base health like they came out of the wheel.

You will not realy see it on low thrall, but if you have cimmerians, devotes, and other people from the vulcano, it’s very noticable at each restart.
This makes them nearly useless in any attack while regaining health, and they’re easily killed in a purge.

maybe, i would have to spawn in the same for references.
It’s possible that all those thralls was captured around a specific timelaps, or between two patches. But i doubt. But i will do some further tests.

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