Thralls at low hp upon login

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

When I log in/ get in range of my thralls even though the server has been up for ~5+ hours, my thralls are all low hp and holding their stomachs. HP begins to regen when I get in range of them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in?

Same here. Thats kinda gamebreaking.

same here, easy time for raiding - kill 400 hp thralls

Same here. Server has been up for hours, but all thralls are at low health when I log in. All wheels of pain also must be restarted.

Same on official server 1803.

same on pvp official 1530

Same problem. Single-play.
This bug was already present in the game a couple of weeks ago, then it quickly and corrected. Reappeared after the hotfix from 07.07.

i agree, there was some days between where they regained health as they should. Then next patch, and the thrallshealth is broken again. They have low health like out of the WOP each time the zone resets, server restarts, or a singlegame is launched.

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On our server too. It’s frustrating. Also when bulding damage is turned off but pvp is on it seems like thralls do nothing against other players and players cannot damage thralls - are thralls deemed buildings?

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