Thralls taking damage when I log in

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: BUG
Region: Base right next to the Summoning Place and Raiders Ridge.

Everytime when I log into my game nearly all my thralls are down to 150 health. the weird thing is that a couple of them take no damage at all. As you can see in the first picture that my berserk and the 4 other thralls all took damage. I showed this in the second picture. The same I showed in the third and fourth. The Three Berserkers in the silentarmor all tok no damage at all. Showed this in the sixth picture. In the seventh picture there are four thralls on my wall. The three with armor all got damage and the Cimmerian fighter took no damage at all. Weirdly enough all three stand on wedged foundations. I am not sure if this can help identify the issue here.
I am afraid to log in now in case that they might die to whatever reason. It took me a really really long time to get them and I would rather not lose progress that I made over 2 weeks. Please look into this. Thank you


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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We have noticed this too. It seems to happen on a server reboot. It seems this is affecting singleplayer startups as well. I have not seen a thrall die from this. It seem more like they go to their ‘starter’ health as if you just placed them from the wheel.

One way to be sure you wont loose them would be to back up your save file and then restart the game a few times, if they don’t reduce in health below the 1/5 (ish) mark then it is likely they are just defaulting to their ‘newly placed’ health. - This is what we have observed on our server anyway.

Though I am not sure why it is affecting some, but not all of your thralls. I haven’t studied the phenomenon myself, we mostly just ignore it and move on. (Someone else here may know more)

Exactly, everytime I start the game up and play singleplayer they revert back to their starter 1/10th out of the wheel hp.

Thank you for this tip, I just went and backed it up just in case something happens.

I am not sure too as the three Berserk are fine everytime that I log into the game. I tested this 4 times. 2 times with just going back to the menu and 2 times with quitting the game and starting it up again. A few of my thralls seem to be immume to this and all of them are from the mound area. In my base I have thralls from the galleon, around the summoning place, nordheim and the mound. It does affect them all but the only a couple from the mound are not affected by this. Not sure if this might help to identify this bug but the more informations funcom has the better.

This is the case. There’s a base level of health thralls are supposed to have and their tier and tribe modifies it. When a server restarts (SP starts) it starts at the base health and then regens.

Its been like this since they buffed the health values a few months ago.

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It’s been noted down. Thank you.

Nice … half my thralls are dead now. The hotfix did really improve the game …