Anyone having issue with fighters/archers losing their HP while you are gone?

And ofc this is just a PvE Official server, and since this new patch, whenever I leave the area where my fighters were, I feel like they start to lose their HP. Whenever I come back to their place, they have lost their HPs for some reason (no purge either) and start to recover again from low health whenever I approach to them.

This is very weird. Anyone having this issue?

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Yes every time I log into game I’m at half heath, as well as the thralls.

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not when logged, some of my thralls even get lower than even 1/5 of their HPs, and some of them are not. They all have different HP lost, which is weird.

I noticed this today and asked my server mates about it. They said this seems to happen on server resets. After the server reset it seems they go down to 1/5 health and do not start to gain until they have ‘loaded in’ (i.e. have someone in range of the area) - I think I noticed it due to the afternoon hotfix.

yes, they look like they just got off the wheel

Just logged in every thrall has approx 1/10th hp.

Yes, I play singleplayer and everytime I log in nearly all of my thralls are at placing hp. They got 1/10th of the health. I made a thread in the bug forum about this. Apparently it happens with server start but I do want this to be fixed please. I have a purge coming up and when I log in and all of my thralls are at low health i fear that they might die in the process. Or just fall through the foundation again to their death this time.

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Yes. Same problem on private server. Everytime I reset the server thralls looses their life. Also, since 500+ patch my server crashes after half an hour. Currently unplayable at all.

Yes, this is a major major problem. Thralls are dying because of wildlife that they normally could easily kill.

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