Why fighter/archer thralls keep losing their health whenever I log in?

this is official PvE server.

And fighter/archer/dancer thralls have like 1/10~2/10 of their healths every single time whenever I log in to the server. And they starting to recover their health from that. (since last month)

Do they have bugs for sharing decay system as building? And what if purge happens right after I logged in and when my thralls have only like 1/10 hps? (purge is still easy tho to deal, but losing any single thrall cuz of this bug is gonna be annoying)

They don’t every time you login. It happens after server restart and whenever a zone loads. If you have an active neighbor that logs on before you, your thralls will most likely regenerate while he or she is around.

Its a known issue if you read the status.

ok I see. So it’s a bug

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