Please dont fix purges before Thrall health

In your
Issues Status - PC](Issues Status - PC) post you say:

But in the Thrall/AI part you say:

I depend on my Thralls to defend my base. Please don’t fix the purges before you fix the health of my defenders!

Also the last one is incorrect. The Thralls are low health after the server restart, just the same as when they get of the wheel. Its just that you notice them being low health when you log back in. The Thralls will regen health as long as there is someone (doesn’t have to be the owner) in render range.


It’s not only upon server restart, when i’m at my base in the far east of the map, and when i’m teleporting to my base at the mount of the deads they almost all get back to low health, even if the server didn’t restart ( i have always a very few thralls though who stay at full health no matter what … can come down to a previous patch i guess but it is confusing the hell out of me ).

As long as you have logged out, with your character out of a given area most of your thralls will get back to low health when you return to this area, or at least if this area is far enough to your current position and if this is the first time you visit this base during this session.

Sorry for the messy explanation, english and me :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … hope it was understandable enough.

And yeah i agree 100% this issue is very serious and very important regarding the purge, since it almost nullifies all your active defenses.
And i know someone who will surely come here to add her voice :wink: once again.


Are you sure about that? I logged out near the pegoda in the jungle went offline for about 30 minutes and ported back to my home near Supremeru. My Thralls were all still full health.

With what you said do you factor in that servers are getting reset every day around 5-6 am cet?

yes i’m 200% sure about that, but what is good to note is that this was experienced on a private PVE server 1.5 month ago (around mid june i think… i can always go and check my old DB files to be sure about the date though).
so things might have changed in that regard and that would explain what you’re describing.
For example this issue was not happening to my thralls in SP like 3-4 weeks ago and now it’s happening on SP as well.
I don’t play online anymore but i could always try to check it in SP next time i play in order to make sure this issue i was talking about is gone for good.
Sorry i didn’t fully understand the last question.

The also updated the aggro issue with this.

Thralls not attacking enemies → Investigated, hard to reproduce internally

Really? Hard to reproduce? I see it every time I play.


Want to play the server they tried lol. Only seen it working max 1 hour everyotherday

Ok i went briefly into my SP game to check the issue, and eventhough i was thinking i was dumb to go and check that on SP (since SP = systematic server restart after every log out) it appeared it was somehow not so dumed after all…

-I logged in near sepermeru where all my thralls were at FULL health ( this is the last base i built in my current game )

-then i traveled to mounts of the deads (more precisely right under the ymir teacher icon) where all my testing thralls were at FULL health as well ( this is no true base, only a maproom and some workstations and thralls were placed here after my base from the black keep was finished )

-then i went to the swungle to find all my thralls at LOW health (this was my second base built on the map)

-then i went to the black galleon, all my thralls were at LOW health ( this was my first base built on the map )

-And finally i visited my base near the black keep and all guards were at FULL health (this was my third base built on the map)

Only pattern i was able to find here is the chronlogical order in which thralls were placed on the map, that’s why i wrote when each base was built at the end of every result.

So it appears that all my most recent bases had thralls at full health and all the oldest bases had thralls at low health.

i will try to do the same checkings the other way around tomorrow to see if sthing varies.

I agree they put this Thrall health issue onto the list with a higher priority but the main issue seems to be the Thralls not aggroing at all which makes the health issue somewhat irrelevant in my opinion.

Eventhough Purges do not work at all on my private Server I can confirm the Thralls just watching when, for instance, a Wolf snacks on me, so I assume they would just let the Purge, should it work, do its thing and watching.

The health issue can, at least, be mitigated somehow by giving the Thralls some proper armor.

We ran a test last night with 22 players. Rebooted the server, all players reported thralls at 10% health at first login.

Private server - vanilla - no mods - PvE-C settings

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The aggroing issue doesn’t happen 100% of the time and when it doesn not, thralls are fighting…with 150 health. Both issues are high priorities.
Everything that is related to the a non proper behaviour of the AI is a high priority issue IMO.

I agree with you.

My point being that a Thrall with full health does not do you help you at all if he is not fighting.

As you know, on my server I do not care about either of those two problems since my main problem is = NO Purge at all :slight_smile:

Walked through the Black Keep on PVE Official Server. Nothing attacked me. Including the boss. Just out for a stroll.

i know that, i experienced it myself as well, and we just need to have a quick look on the forum to see this issue is not a fairy tale. i get your point 100%, i just wanted to say that thralls can still work sometimes and they indeed worked last time i got purged and they worked extremely well on top of that :smiley: .

until purges are fixed i recommend they keep it in the game just make sure they look for online clans, so the purge does not go without any defenders. (common sense for funcom. hope they listen)

You know there is a setting to prevent offline purges today already and yes I am aware this is not set on official servers.

What I figured however, BTW I am talking about Online Player settings (figure the tool-tip is wrong as well), when playing singleplayer, being in your own clan, and this setting set on 1, Purges never happened for me at all despite the fact 1 clanmember (me) was obviously online.

If you set it to 0 it works but on the cost of offline raids as well, so maybe FUNCOM could take a look to fix that if necessary.

I have the same problem playing singleplay on a private server. I spent enough time exploring it. It, according to my observations, arose after a hot fix on July 7. I do not think that in my case, the role of resetting the servers - I have the health of ALL tralls is reset to 100 units each time the game is loaded. I created more than a dozen settlements, in each of them there are several dozen tralls - and ALL (fighters, archers and entertainers) HP is reset. The health of tralls is restored only when I am in a certain vicinity of them. Thus, in order to “cure” all of my tralls, I need to bypass all my settlements and stay in each sufficient time. This annoying is incredible :rage:!
While I’m in the game, HP tralls in any of the settlements do not decrease.
I have disabled purges, I can only imagine what problems people have with playing with purges and online with other players :astonished:.
And I do not think that the problem with HP is somehow connected with the passivity of tralls against the enemies attacking the settlement or myself - the developers simply “broke” the AI ​​in their attempts to improve something. Perhaps, when they “fought” with weapons in the hands of the NPC.

thrall health reset when the area is loading or reloading again.

Especially if you use tp you may notice it more easily, that’s a fact. But each time you enter, or enter again a area (your base), the area is reloading, the the thralls are resetting health.
Very low health here, same they came out of the wheel, while this is the default health they come with.

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Fixes for the Thrall aggro issue and the Thrall health issue are going to TestLive tomorrow.
The Purge fixes will go to TestLive at a later date.


it’s what i have always thought, but it appears that there are some other factors interfering here.

just have a look at my last observations in this matter when i was replying to “blyker” . i still need to test it the other way around though.

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indeed the’re other factors here.

On my SP i have barely this issue. The reason is simple. I started over my test-games, again and again. So mostly the older thralls are gone, or simple wasn’t never here.

The fact is that the reloading triggers the issues, and lower the health of some thralls, mostly the high-end thralls, or it’s simply more visible.
But i think also that the touched thralls has been broken in a given time. Between 2 patches i think. Which exactly ? bit hard to figure out after time. But i think it’s one of the patches coming just after the game release.

One of the solution could be to kill, and replace all those thralls, what is again frustrating more many of us, and very time consuming to track, catch them again.

But i see this issue mostly on my server, where i play since the first days the game was released.