Please dont fix purges before Thrall health

i think THIS is the reason why half of my thralls are at low health and the other half is at full healt when i TP on the map. some previous patches are affecting some thralls and others aren’t . iF it can help the devs …

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This is not true on Official servers. I just teleported back to my base and went to the furthest defensive point that i have. The Thrall there isnt visible from the part of my base where my crafters are. This Thrall is called Vais the wayfaerer and has 3075 health. It takes this thrall a long time to regen health from 100 and when i reached it it was full health just like a loaded her up this morning after the server restart.

I timed it this morning it took me 26 minutes to fully load me toughest T4 archer.

What do you mean with touched thralls?

And no if they would remove all thralls i would quit playing.

Good to hear thank you.

what are you talking about, who is saying they will remove the thralls from game ?

I’m testing around for a while with this bug, and i’m not the only one doing so.
What we found is that some thralls have this bug, thralls that was after our tests captured in a specific timespane, between two patches, this just after game release.
While thralls aren’t “dated”, it’s still bit hard to figure out afterward, wich exact period this may be.
So if your personal thralls was broken before or after this timespan, they will not come with this health-bug. But thralls captured in this time, will still reset health.

That is complete nonsense. Thralls that i captured yesterday from the vulcano had this problem this morning.

So maybe you can simply add some fact more to the problem.

Stating other tests as nonsens isn’t polite, nor will help to understand a bug. We’re all testing or should and try to figure out what exactly is going on, and what is triggering this bug.
But maybe you can explain us and fix the bug ?

Yes the bug is simple, when the server restarts it resets Thralls health to 100.

yes and no.

There are other factors here. and old patches might be one of these.
Otherwise how do you expalain that half my bases have thralls at full health while the other one has thralls at low health?

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The Thralls start loading as soon as someone comes into rendering range. My guess is that the thralls that are full health when you come there have had other people in rendering range.

nope ! i have exact same configuration, some thralls with full-health, still doing fine, others with the low health-bug.
This happens in singleplayer, and on servers set-up as test-servers with only one player on it. So nobody around triggering a health-regain for one part.

Like stated, some show this bug, others don’t. Why some and not the others, that’s what we try to figure out.
Maybe provenance ? This could be an other thing. But here to. Like you, i have also thralls from the volcano, and here to, some show the bug, while others never have it.

Thing is, this happening on SP, so i’m the only one to come in rendering range of my thralls. And as you know, login in/ out in SP pretty much means an automatic server restart.

It’s good you are trying to evaluate all eventual factors.
At first when i read your post about the provenance i was thinking, yeah would make sense, but actually after having counted every single thralls (from memory) i have placed in every base, i realised they are all mixed, meaning i have some dafari thralls mixed with some cimmerians, dogs of desert, lemmurian, and black hand thralls.and i believe they ALL were at low health, but i will have a closer look at it next time i do my testing pilgrimage over the map :smiley: .

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în my case, the low-health candidates are mostly or cimmerian, or people from the volcano.

I don’t have realy blackhands, dogs, and other having this particular problem. Now the question is, is this reliable or only again time-related. Because i remember having captured my cimmerians, and people from the volcano in a few days. I realy played hard a while, looking for high-thrall on the mounds, and the volcano. This maybe over a week or two, while the others was mostly captured before, maybe moved later to an other base, but definitively captured earlier.
I don’t write down when i capture some thralls of course, and still hard to say weeks and monthes after when a thralls was broken. The low-health thralls must all have been captured when i was building my bases and outposts in the western part of the north and the volcano.

I have indeed also some low-health thralls in the south and Sepermeru-base, but these was brought by me later, at the same time the nothern ones was broken to.

Your testing is obviously flawed. This bug exists and is consistent.

Continue wasting your time tho!

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Vattenade, the fact that your low-health thralls have full health when you check them does not mean they’re not affected, it just means that they have regenerated by the time you get close enough to check their hp. I have a base with thralls from every faction except Heirs captured from a week after launch to now. They’re all affected by this so far as I can tell, but the lowest-HP ones are weak enough they have typically regenerated by the time I can check them. Faction and dated of capture is immaterial; the only thing that matters is if they’ve had someone within a fairly large radius (4-5 minimum shrine distances; I can stand at one end of my large base and thralls at the other end don’t regen).

If a fix is going to testlive, though, this will hopefully all be irrelevant soon. AFK’ing at 5 bases every day to regen thralls takes at least two hours.

The bug is certainly consistent for you but maybe not for others like vattende and even me in some way.
At least she is trying to evaluate every possibility and she is trying overall to give feedback.

I agree that the bug is definitely related to the server restart thing, and i’m sure vattende agrees on that too.
But how do you explain that 2 bases out of the 5 i have on the map have thralls at low health while 3 others have thralls at full health when i teleport to each one of them? that’s why i keep thinking there must be something else in addition to the server restart that is involved with this issue. I said it might be the “butterfly effect” of some previous patches but it it could be of course something else…all we are doing here is giving feedback and theories and there is nothing wrong in that, right?

Anyway, it seems that the problem is solved in testive :sunglasses: and i can only hope it is solved for good.


considering the last update with your testive build

do we still need to give further feedback about this issue of “low health thralls” ?

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