ALL Thralls DEAD for no Reason

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[Free text] Where are all my thralls? I just logged in to my base and it being completely devoid of any of my thralls. The Purge did not come. They just died according to the Event Log. About over 15 thralls are all simultaneously dead at the same time on the Event Log time stamp. NOTHING in my base was destroyed.
Everybody is just gone, with the exception of the workers at the stations. What is going on? They were 3 Bandit Leaders, 4 Cimmerian Berserkers, all my dancers, and other named thralls like Wild-Kin, Yen the Wind…, Tarman, and others. My other clan mate’s thralls are all gone too - recorded as dead. The thralls I gave my daughter are also dead.

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  1. I have no clue how to reproduce this.

What does Even Log say is cause of death?

certain possibilities can be more easily eliminated if you provide details such as game mode and official/private

No cause. None whatsoever. Just dead. All died at the exact same time. I lost over 20 thralls at exactly the same time of 2019.06.28 - 2.10.46

How long between log ins in the area, and what is your thrall deacy timer set up as. sounds like they despawned so to speak due to not being refreshed within your set timer, or bugged thinking that and despawned.

PVE - Server #3975 - No Purge occured.

All thralls were three to five floors high from foundation of base. My base is in the water. I took pictures of the event log. It is impossible for 23 thralls with epic gear and legendary weapons to just die at the same time while their spread out on different floors.

and bodies had despawned? did u check the structure for damage with a hammer anyways?

I’m on an official server #3975. I’m not the admin, so I would have no affect on the decay and re-spawn periods.

Building decay time multiplier- 1.0

Thrall decay time - 15 days

did you get affected by the Fence wipe? From what i understand they finally fixed floating thralls moving forward. which means they take fall damage. so if you lost part of your base to stability, and they were stationed in the air, they may have died from the fall.

Nah, I was not affected. The whole structure is intact. I had no fences in my structure, so nah… Plus we’re over the water, so even if they fell (which they didn’t) they would fall in to the water and swim to the shore.

Strange that nobody else is reporting anything like this. I am curious, do you communicate with many others on that server and have shared any of these experiences? I’m leaning towards some new troll tactics/glitches.

ADDED: Unfortunately all we can do is ask questions and if the answer is an exploit, then spreading that info is not allowed.

Also, did you ever check with a repair hammer to see it structure damage was taken?

That’s what I’m finding odd too, that this hasn’t happened to anyone else. My clan and I feel like this happening to us is deliberate or personal by the devs, because we can’t figure out any other explanation. Also the fact that not one official has replied back to me or my clan members to address the reports we submitted on this issue.

Yes, I went around with the repair hammer to check all pillars and there was no structural damage anywhere. Not mention I had just upgraded much of the place with tier 4 material.

I don’t understand how it could be a troll thing since we’re on a PvE server. And if it’s glitching then someone should have been gotten back in touch with us in regards to this matter to help us rectify it.

Is it possible for an avatar to be summoned in PvE and for them to be able to kill another clan’s thralls?

It seems as though another clan summoned Jhebbal Sag at 2:09 and then all my thralls died at 2:10. This is what showed up on my Event Log.

official servers have no admin so don’t believe you were maliciously targeted by admin, and delayed response from Funcom is not abnormal. That avatar summoning seems suspicious.

Ive never played anything but PvP so those rulesets are foreign to me, perhaps another authority on PvE can chime in.


Hello @Ethromel , thank you for reaching out!

Just to be clear, there are no admins in Official servers as you would find in private servers, we would only intervene in extreme cases of griefing / exploiting where irrefutable proof is provided to us.

Regarding the dead thralls, we’re unaware of any exploit that would involve Avatars potentially killing thralls on PVE servers, in any case we’ll send note to the developers in this regard so that they can look into it.

Sorry i have to call troll on this.

You mention Thralls would swim back if they fell in water.
Then you said upgraded everything to Tier 4 materials.
then you state the Devs may have done it.
If I am wrong, i am wrong.

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Thank you.

You are 100% wrong. I don’t care what you think you know. I know what happened, and I DO NOT EVER TROLL. Plus I took pictures. I don’t have time for messing around with unnecessary pranks. This happened - I don’t appreciate it - and I want to understand why or how. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Secondly, thralls do swim back to the shore if they are in the water. I have seen such.

I don’t understand the issue of stating I upgraded my home with tier 4 walls and such. Where is the trolling in that?

I stated that the devs may have done it meaning that something went wrong with the last update. I am perplexed as to how else it could have occurred. For future reference, just because you can’t fathom something or believe what you are hearing does not make it instantly a troll situation. It is not in the least enjoyable for me or my clan members to come back online to an empty base, having lost all epic gear that was being worn by the thralls, and legendary weapons to boot. All while having no cause documented on the event log except to read that blink thrall died. No explanation, no cause, no culprit, nothing, just they died. All 23 at the same time.

The only thing I can deduce is that the summoning of Jhebbal Sag by a different clan somehow affected us because it showed up on our event log, and then one minute later there is a long laundry list of all my thralls being dead on a PvE server.

Thralls don’t fall in the water under normal circumstance. They actively avoid water. If they are following you, and you swim, they will wait on the beach then teleport to you when you arrive on the other beach. If you destroy a building they are standing on, they will just float in the air.

Tier 3 is the highest tier of wall in the game.

He thinks you are trolling because you are claiming your thralls were doing something that basically never happens (at least not with any regularity) and are claiming to use building materials that literally don’t even exist in the game.

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“deliberately” and “personal” pretty much is the opposite of “something went wrong”. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way, but you pretty much wrote you suspected devs did it to target you.

It very rarely happens. Sometimes a follower teleports into water and then swim back. One time we demolished a base and one guy fell down and died. His follower fell in the water and while he was scouting he stayed under water. Didn’t look like he had a breath timer though.