ALL Thralls DEAD for no Reason

Your going to have to check that again. The DLC content such as the Aquilonian Mason are considered T4 items. I got a notification in regards to this when I made my first upgraded piece.

I’m referring to thralls falling in to the water. As I stated in an earlier post, my base is in water and 5 stories high. I had my balcony floor disappear once while I was building and my thrall fell in to the water with me and swam with me to shore . I don’t know what you’ll are talking about. That has not happened to me. My thralls FALL all the time. While I was standing in my elevator at the top of my fortress, my thrall literally fell to his death from the top floor. I had just gotten him out of the wheel of pain, so I was pissed.

Your thrall will also swim with you in the Dregs. Mine has done so a lot.

Notification as in Journey Step? I’m pretty sure there’s only “upgrade a building piece” and “Build or Upgrade your building to the highest tier”

Also, since it takes the same mats and have the same HP as T3, why would it be called T4?

Can a God be summoned on a pve server at all?

All I know is that I and my clan members seem to be the only ones dealing with this supposedly unintentional situation. I do know that no one with the power to do anything about it is addressing the issue either.

Some of the weirdest stuff keeps happening to me. My wife and I had two different weathers conditions going on at the same time. I was the only one that couldn’t interact with any of the nodes. I was able to walk through rocks and trees.

I am constantly dealing with some oddity that is not suppose to happen, while others seem to remain unscathed. So it gets to a point where it feels oddly personal. I know it sounds paranoid and so on, but it gets to start feeling personal. I don’t any other explanation for it. I upgraded my second fort with T4 items and the Purge went through two Turanian walls like they were stone Tier 1. When my members logged back in at 3 am to see that the ENTIRE wall was gone and (I kid you not) the WHOLE fort was being held up by two first floor walls that remain intact. To get upstairs we had to climb that wall. The stairs were destroyed, and much of the floors had collapsed. I tried to salvage what I could get. We lost a lot of chests with high grade items inside. I dismantled the remaining floors to build a new place in a better location. my second in command clan member went around to other player’s homes to find that no one was destroyed but us. And we were the most fortified. Our neighbor only got his fish traps destroyed. They had no thralls or pets, no spikes, but they were still standing, while much of our fort was decimated.

“That’s just downright odd” to quote my friend as he, my wife, and I stood in the game (all of us naked) from having just logged in while we stared fuming like we were watching our house go up in flames in the middle of the night in real life. So, yes, it feels oddly personal. I’m sure we’re wrong, but the whole clan feels this way. I’m just the one they asked to address this on the forums. So here I am…

Dude, I’ve no idea. I’m telling you what popped-up on my screen. I don’t need you to believe me. It’s not that important. Suffice to say I’m having some unique experiences, but if nothing else, believe me when I say I’m not BSing.

I’ve had both hot and cold at once… also warming up and cooling down. I’ve had the bug where you can’t interact with nodes. I’ve had purges that went on a rampage and destroyed a ton of stuff and I’ve had purges that didn’t even try to destroy a wall…

It’s just random

Oh ok, well it’s no picnic when you’re the only kid at the ice cream truck who’s ice cream drops. You know?

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I didn’t say that it never happens at all. I said that it doesn’t under normal circumstances, which would be the same as saying that it very rarely happens.

Yeah I understood, but I can see it looked like I was trying to correct you.

Anyway, the only circumstances where I personally witnessed thralls swimming was when they were following, not while standing guard. and as I wrote, I didn’t look like they have a breath timer, so it doesn’t really matter to OP’s situation.

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