Thralls nearly dead after less than 24 hours?

So I have come online to my official server today and all my thralls have like 10 percent health left. There has not been a purge and I came off it last night about 18 hours ago!? Anyone else experiencing this or know why this is suddenly happening? I demolished someones base ysterday and got loads of there stuff as they had not been online for how ever long, did I maybe pick up something which os causong this?

Thralls seem to only have 100 go after you log in each time you have to stand near them for the go to go up
It’s a well known bug
Open thralls inventory menu after you log in you will see they have 100 to and it increases when your within a certain vicinity of them

Thralls only have 100 hp after login
Sorry bout the typo

Ok but this has never happened to me before and ive been playing for about 3 months now daily!? Def not a bug ive seen before

This is a known bug, it’s strange that you just got it. At me, as well as at all, it has arisen whether after notorious “Mother of patches”, whether after the following hotfix.

I have this same bug. Even worse one of my bases got purged while I was offline today. It didn’t matter that all my thralls were T3-4 from the volcano and geared… they had no health so they didn’t stand a chance. When I logged in half of that base was gone and most of the thralls.

Can this please get a fix. This is my most worry sim problem

Got the same problem - but just since a few days. And also since that day my thralls are in the passive mode - even when i put the weapons in their hands and leave the base, when i come back they have put back their weapons in their bags…

Ya that’s another issue that’s been ongoing for most since combat makeover

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