Thrall health regen bugged?

Thrall’s spawn with health at 102 and I’m unable to heal them in any way and they also won’t regen any health.

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Does anyone know if this was addressed in the updates this morning?

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There was no update this morning, maybe a hotfix for the consoles or workshop, but not for the game itself. There are no patch notes, so its a little hotfix.

Edit: Twitter
UPDATED: We’ve started patching the PS4 and Xbox servers so they will be unavailable for the next 15-20 minutes.

Hotfix because the crashes.

Nope it was just a hot fix, I was hoping it was just a small patch, like the above comment it looks like it was for something, they still are not regaining health. It sux cause after they die I have to go collect the armor I gave them. For now I just set up a wheel of pain near a camp where level 3 fighters spawn…so I’m mass producing thralls lol.