Thrall won’t regenerate health

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: United States

Just spent forever breaking a level 3 fighter and he came out comeplety glitched. He started with the same health he had when I dragged him to the wheel of pain. I tried placing him in my base and he glitched through the floor and took fall damage. He wasn’t able to collide with my base at all. I placed him on a table to see if he could collide with that, and that somehow fixed that issue. He’s able to stand on floors now, But now he’s stuck at very low health and he won’t regenerate. I’ve tried going far away and reloading the area, but that did nothing.


I am having the exact same problem with all of my thralls. They are hunched over and stuck at 112/750 health and nothing is changing it. Guessing I am going to be losing many of them if they get attacked.

Mine are stuck on 120 hp aswell … they need to do something about it quickly

Yep same here :C thralls are not regenerating health playing on a private server , and yah I thought maybe placing some dancers close to them would heal them up but that’s not the case , we also did refresh the server it did’t do anything since everyone else had the same problem. Please Conan Exile Devs fix this I know they game just came out of launch but thralls are like a key part of the game that you go for to protect your base.

Same here. Tried giving them bandages, aloe potions, and ambrosia but nothing… busted my butt to get 9 level three fighters and a captain. Lost all of them within an hour and a half to crocs and those giant turtles of all things… never even got to defend my base from other players or the purge or anything…

Also the same, all stuck at 102 health. When placed in wheel of pain and lesser wheel of pain the had 80% of their base health. I have 3 dancers in range and no health change, 102 not matter what max health is.

Same here, none of my thralls regenerating health.

Hi there,

This is a currently a known issue in all versions of the game. The devs are working on a resolution. please keep a lookout in the patch notes for more information.

Thank you for the response and update.

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