Thralls Placement , Disappearing , Not Regenerating Health , Thrall Bugs

Game mode: Online | Multiplayer Private Dedicated Server EU and Private Dedicated Server NA
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [NA & EU]

**Thralls Bug List **

  1. Most broken thralls does not matter what level fighter or archer, dancer, etc expect crafting thralls, of course, would not regenerate health, I thought maybe placing dancers around them would help and heal them but didn’t do anything I noticed the health bars for the “broken/tamed” thralls would sit between HP 100 and HP 125 I also logged back in after 24 hours to see if they would heal but nope also the server admin tried refreshing the server but nothing worked.

  2. When Placing thralls the UI is glitchy, you would get the overlay UI for attacking and on top of that UI for the placement of thralls/building.

  3. When placing thralls sometimes would disappear into the ground this also happens when knocking out thralls when you knock out thralls they would fall through the map and disappear sometimes reappearing but a placed thrall that disappeared never appeared back.

  4. Sometimes dancer thralls would have bags in their inventory after being “broken/tamed” in the wheel of pain marked something like “xxx_unnamed_right_weapon”. I just dropped the bags and it crashed it my game.

Thank you for the fun game Conan Exiles Devs my friends and I are having tons of fun but I was hoping bugs like these would be squished with the release it wrecks the core experience for the game and puts you off from playing the game … Please patch this soon Thanks again - UKL Tidal

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Same issues with 2 and 3 here as well.

Also, thralls on PVE can be killed by players, and they aren’t supposed to be.

Dame issueon the ps4

same her whit the regeneration of live of thrahlss they all stay by 125 health ww tryed too give them fooe healpotions and dancers clowe too them all not. woirk pretty bad for me as the clan slavemaster:persevere:

I’m trying to build a base in swamp by ruins… it lets me build no prob but then next day my buildings are gone? The log says ruins system did it? But why if it lets me build does it delete my stuff? Please fix I would love to finish my base at this location without it disappearing lol thank you

Same problem with thralls not regenerating health

Would be nice if this thrall health thing were fixed. My purge meter is almost full and I have a bunch of thrall with 106 hp each. They’ll be nothing but fodder. Can only hope the archers can save the day from high vantage points.

+1 for thralls not working as intented. Please fix as they are all but useless for fighting alongside you or defending the base.

Same Problem here! +I cant Equip weapons…
hoope this will be fixed soon (=

same problem plus other tribe keep killing my thralls and im in pve this shouldn’t happen.

Encountering this issue on single player\Co-op as well.

yup thralls be broken mate


If I pick up an already placed Thrall and attempt to move it - whether it be on ground, foundation stone or ceiling tile, they disappear. Some disappear completely and some vanish, leaving their weapon floating in mid air. The ones with weapons floating in mid air reappear after I teleport elsewhere and return to the location (or log in/out), while others never return.

When i move a thrall from 1 position to another i am unable to equip any weapons for it, i place them in main hand and it throws it right back out to their inventory. This only happens if one moves them.

Also is the a darn way to put them back into your inventory? Right now all i see is move it, you cannot delete it or place into inventory or anything :frowning: as far as i can see

This is currently working as intended… but a lot of people want this to change…

I moved from the Jungle to the Frozen North and have an army of thralls just sitting there waiting on me to move them one at a time by either having them follow me or to pick them up and run with them… either way is a pain in the butt.