Npc thralls not where they are meant to be

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Bug Description:

After the last update giving us the nemedian dlc the npc thralls in sepermuru are not were they are meant to be. They are walking and standing all over the place. This may be happening everywhere but Ive only seen it so far in sepermuru. Even our own thralls are acting strange and moving all over the place from where they were placed to guard.

Example, first picture is where 3 alchemists should be. Second picture is where 2 are standing, the third is standing behind my character in that picture. Its happening to a lot of the thralls in sepermuru

Expected Behavior:

*they are meant to stay in their spawn locations and they are not.

Steps to Reproduce:

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I forgot to mention this is on my private server.

I have seen this in the Mounds of the dead. Also up at Stargazers Crest. Npcs are just wondering.
That was on Official PS4 PVE-c

Going go check out my Xbox now at those locations.

This is happening on PC too except that my thralls are also not where they are supposed to be. I’ve caught them wandering around. They end up tens of meters where they should be. Some find their way indoors. It’s definitely annoying.

I actually just lost my Rino mount because of this issue. My poor baby… and I can’t replace him…

So its not just my server doing this? Funcom please tell us a patch is in the works for this

No, it’s definitely the patch. I play on officials. I just placed my thralls in the right place moments ago…

Sepermaru is a mess in my last walk through. Dancers on the roof of the bar. Sitting/kneeling Guards just moving around like they were walking. Craziness.

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