Thralls not dying of hunger

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

I’ve just been online and I believe it’s 7 days 5 hours since the update last week, in other words abandoned thralls should finally be dying… though they are still there. Is this a bug, it would be great with some dev comment on what to expect.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log on
  2. Observe local abandoned thralls still being alive after they should be dead of hunger
  3. Cry
  4. Log out
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i can confirm this as well. private server, pve, no mods. i checked on a base we were getting rid of and thralls had 6 days 7hrs remaining 1 week after patch release. none of the thralls have been given food. another base that was removed still had its thralls as well.

[PvE, official] Yesterday I stranded a thrall away from my base and removed food. Today, approximately 24 hours later, he has a hunger count of 90/100 … I’d need to recheck his food timer though …I thought it was just over 6 days but might be wrong on that.
So if I am interpreting what I see correctly, this thrall will take about ten days total to reach 0/100 hunger and then take starvation damage and die.

Your post that the thrall hunger was resetting was what prompted me to test with this level 1 thrall who has an inventory bug (continuously gets the unarmed_xx_ bag items spawning to ridiculous numbers of them.) Mainly to confirm your finding not dispute it …so far the x/100 hasn’t reset but time I can’t be sure of and it’s only been 24 hours so I’ve assumed my server was restarted a couple of hours before I check him but I hadn’t confirmed that via the event log … that will need to wait until tonight.

Another possibility though much less likely is the settings on your official server and my official server are different by mistake not deliberately.
We both read these forums a lot so you might also remember times when people have posted queries about official servers having incorrect settings or time zones.

The 2nd part of the patch could have reset feed timers perhaps. Seeing how thralls and pets share similar architecture and the pet taming patch just went into effect.

Potentially the 2nd part reset it, though with no visual way of confirming how long an abandoned thrall has left it’s hard to say. These thralls should have been dead week/months ago though, I don’t mind the new system being temporary bugged if we just could those “old” thralls sorted for good (from people with no active base). Should think a script could sort that out easily… now because of the promise of this system I’m annoyed and frustrated with something that I was not before (would love to see a hot fix).

@Jens_Erik any official word on this to clarify what is going on and set new expectations?

We haven’t heard anything from QA yet but they are investigating and on the case.

don’t know if it helps any but all of my pets and thralls on single player that i put out 2 weeks ago or so with no food to test the timers …2 weeks later they still have 6 days 23 hours 59 mins left every time i log in to it to check…looks like it resets their timer every time I log in…(I did place them during test live tho) on the official server I play on I put a thrall out the day pt 1 of the patch dropped and he still has over 3 days on his timer but it isn’t resetting like on single player…it just seems like a day to him is longer than a day to everyone else lol…


I just checked my thrall on official aprox 30 mins after writing this post and his timer at that time was 3d 1h 13min 27 sec

it is now…3d 1h 9min 12sec
timers seem a lil off from normal time…

Seeing the same thing on our server… there are some abandoned thralls just sitting out in an open area, half a dozen or so, and they are still a live and kicking. No structures around them so I know their not getting fed.

I got a couple of Thralls that i havent fed. Those Thralls now have a 2 day timer before they starve.
I think one of the patches last week reset the hunger timer. But i think this means that in 3 days (so tuesday) all my non fed thralls should be dead.

Well the last left-over thrall near my base has now died off. Somewhat later than expected, but okay. It happened.

Though whether it’s coincidental or just a result of more players than we’ve had since launch (on my server), the server FPS (and thus AI performance) has hit rock bottom again.

on 1504, about 70% died off. Rough estimate, but there are still a bunch still hanging around that definitely should have died off by now.

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