Please Fix Defense Thralls

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They’re useless right now. People can walk up and attack them and they wont attack back, you cant defend against offline purges, there’s literally no point in taming any of them unless you want to give people free gear. The way they were was perfect, they actually defended against things. Idfk the point of them now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Attack an enemy thrall.
2.Have it stand there and do nothing.


This is frustrating because I have no means to defend against a purge atm. Thralls sit there and wooden palisades can’t reliably be placed atm. Luckily I’ve been on for last 2 purges but if I’m offline or get something like frost giants or dragons I’m SoL without thrall help. Doesn’t help that they decided to go on vacation after this patch leaving us to deal with some of these huge issues for possibly weeks…

Does your thrall maintain their hp when you log off? I’m at an official pvp server and the thralls hp get reset every time I log off

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Thralls lose their HP on server restart. And then will only start to regen when someone is in the area. So even if you login in your base. See thrall health at say 500 out of 2400. Run out and later come back, they may only have say 600 and start to regen again towards 2400.

Same. Always loggin in to see my Thralls near death

Not only on server restart. I think its linked with how long you are offline. Thralls now need to “See” a player that owns them within a certain timetable

Last purge almost took out my map room. Thralls defended nothing. Now, I have the stupid bug where I can’t put foundation blocks down where they WERE before because the map room is above them. So, Now I have holes in my foundation. I fixed what I could and logged out. I will go in every six days naked just to touch my bases around the map until they actually fix this frustrating as hell game.

It’s disgusting and incompetent that this dev team would leave this game in a unplayable state. Maybe spend time fixing this trash game instead of getting out a cash-grab DLC

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You can put the map room back in your inventory then place the foundations.
I had this option in PVE, not sure if it applies elsewhere.

It’s funny that some items you can place back in your inventory and some can’t. Don’t know if there is real life logic involved in it.