Game broke AF since huge update

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Every base I built]

This isn’t the first time this subject has been posted, I’m sure of it. I’m upset with the game since the MOAUpdates, or whatever the F they want to call it, and the following mostly garbage patches that didn’t fix the game breaking issues. I’ve been purged 6 times since that update and my t3 bases are getting wrecked. My 100’s of thralls aren’t defending and I’m tired of rebuilding.

Thralls don’t attack enemies.They won’t defend the base during a purge.
They wont attack a creature in my base that has attacked me or attacked one of my thralls.
I have approx. 100 thralls at one base, 1 fighter and 1 archer will engage the attacker. the other thralls surround the enemy and watch. the fighter may just stop fighting sometimes.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.pull an enemy to your base.
2.let the enemy attack you in front of all your thralls. the thralls form a circle around you and the enemy while you fight.
4. be amazed when you have 1 fighter thrall and 1 archer thrall actually fight (half heartedly) while the other thralls continue watching.
5. let your imagination run wild and speculate about your thralls inactivity while your bases are purged while you’re offline.
6. write on the devs forum about your awful gaming experience lately while others reply about how big of a complainer you are.
7. ignore those comments and hope the devs fix the problems because the game used to be pretty damn enjoyable.


Welcome to the Party …


Devs will ignore the comments, too. :slight_smile:

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Good morning,
we’ve noted this down shortly after it was reported for the first time.
We will work on getting a proper update on the status of this and other issues for you.

could you note down " weekly patches"

Thanks for the response Tasha. You talked me off the edge. I’m still going to limit my play until a fix to prevent purge gain. I thinks that’s how it works, sort of. I’ll keep an eye on your post about the known issues and their state of repair.