Thralls not defending!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
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Region: [north america]

Two days ago I had two players attempt to raid my base. I have a dozen thralls on the platform where these players were accessing my wheel of pain. All of my thralls are armored and have weapons equipped. The players just walked amongst and in between the thralls and the thralls did not move or attempt to attack them. They were literally right next to each other. Did they break the thralls with the last hotfix when they fixed their health regeneration? Do thralls only attack and protect during server hours where building damage is possible? They should be defending all the time. Has anyone else had this issue?

Thralls now only attack during pvp times. They cannot be hurt outside of pvp times. Its a pretty big change considering how many people were using them as defense. If i can give a protip that kinda sucks, only tame bench thralls, leave archers and fighter till late game, cos they dont do anything and are more vanity pets than anything. Use large and clever building to defend your belongings.

Well that’s just dumb you should be able to have all your thralls attack someone when they get close to your base no matter what time it is. That way they know not to just go snooping around my base. Like i thought that’s what the thralls were for.