Thralls not attacking again!

As the title implies thralls are not attacking again, this happened a while back and was fixed, but seems to be rearing it’s ugly head again. Here is a video I made just a little while ago Please fix this! Also can you increase the range of archer thralls? I think the range is to small, I think it needs to be increased to effectively damage hostiles seeking to steal your loots, and also to protect the thralls. With the new bow changes coming into play, I can easily snipe down someone’s thrall, and it will not attack me. Then I can just work my way into their base unhindered take the gear from the thrall, and continue to raid your base.

Can someone confirm to me if is true that Thralls only attack at raid time?

Thralls will only attack other players during the raid window, but if you have one following they should attack anything you attack, besides another player.

So this tactic will work on official, clean any archers before raid time, then come raid time there will be no archers to deal with.
Maybe it can be considered a bug?

I see, but why in the Earth did they decide to make that way? It doesnt worth put Thralls outside bases, in the open. They should attack once the enemy comes near as before.

I would like to see the explanation of this from a Dev/Cm.

I noticed this beauty (hard to see, but between the 2 palms at the base of the rocks) on a killing rampage just outside the West Gate to my base. It did move to the north and then west along the base of my wall in range of about 20 or so archers. None of them attacked. I have seen this in the past and only took 4 of them to kill it while the others went nuts looking for a clear shot at it. All of the are set to defend so not sure if that is the issue.

Can you please clarify on the issues you are reporting here?
It seem there different problems discussed and I would need to know which or if all you mentioned are currently issues on TestLive :slight_smile:

Are thralls not attacking any npcs at all? Is it against specific npcs?
The raid time issue regarding thralls attacking other players, is that something on TestLive or are you talking about a general issue?

Tasha, on live official servers defender Thralls/Pets only attack during raid time, I don’t know if this is intended, if so I would like to understand why of this decision as it makes no sense.

Ok, please post that in the non TestLive forum of the specific platform then so we can keep this forum category for TestLive issues only. It makes it really hard for us to track which issues occur on which platform and server and or build.

I still would need to get more info on the original post about Thralls not attacking NPCs. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a wide spread issue on TestLive?

This happened especially with the big animals, and was a problem with the hitboxes if i remember right.

New patch, so new tests, i’ll will take a look at it this week-end to.


So, some quick-tests in the morning, with a cup of hot coffeee of course. :wink:

I grabed a fighter, a blackhand, T3, equiped him, gived him a long sword. And let’s go !
We started small.

He handled well the kuddu, no problem at all.

Then let’s see.

The grey rhino, bit harder of course, but not a real thing for him. Same for croco, jungle birds, ostrich i tried just before.

Then the biggy…

He seemed bit surprised by the beast, and i had to hit it first, but after some struggle he entered the fight, and did very well. Of course, here i helped with some hits, so he got not killed at the end. But all in all, he handled all very well on my test-server.

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Thanks for the additional testing :slight_smile:

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