BUG: Placed thralls only regenerate when (any) players are near

Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: America (probably all?)

Since the megapatch at the start of July, thralls do not regenerate unless a player - not necessarily their owner - is nearby. This is primarily an issue because of thrall HP resetting to 10% or whatever it does every time the server resets. However, when thralls are first placed or presumably if thralls are otherwise damaged they would also not heal w/o players nearby. The radius in which a player can be to trigger regeneration is fairly large - probably 3-5x the minimum distance between temples - but in a sufficiently large base thralls at one end will not regenerate when a player is at the opposite end.

This is most evident with high-HP thralls from factions like Forgotten Tribe or Votaries; with weak thralls like Exiles or Cannibals they may regenerate fast enough that they will be at full health by the time a player gets close enough to view their health. However, with 1k+ hp it is very obvious that thralls aren’t regenerating w/o players nearby. If a player wants to ensure their endgame thralls like named Votaries (3075 hp) are fully healed, they must spend ~20-30 minutes per server reset in proximity to them while they heal. If the player has multiple bases with high-end thralls, it can take literally hours to spend enough time at all their bases to ensure the thralls are not sitting at 10% HP each day.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place high-hp combat thrall (example: Spinas the Marauder; 3075 max HP)
  2. Approach newly-placed thrall and observe its low HPs are currently regenerating
  3. Leave thrall’s vicinity before HP have fully regenerated (Example: teleport to a distant Obelisk)
  4. Remain a significant distance from the thrall for 10 minutes or more
  5. Return to the placed thrall and observe its HP
  6. The thrall will not have regenerated while no player was not close to it

As of patch 104551/18892 [13.08.2018], this bug still appears to be active.

This is some really great feedback. Thanks for the detailed steps and all the info!
Making sure to get some eyes on this :slight_smile:

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Hi. Bug with slave’s 100HP remained. Today, i have logged in and all my warriors and archers having 100HP, regenerating, but bug not fixed!