How to heal Thrall healthl

Hello guys
How do I get my thrall to heal or self heal

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Hey guys how do I heal a thralls health?

I usually force feed them. They do heal on their own over time

I think a few people have reported a bug that Thralls are not healing on their own currently.

When I get archer there life seems only half full worse almost dead. But thier life seems not to regerate

I noticed this last night also, i have 2 lvl 2’s and thier health is the same at roughly a 1/3rd.

I have tryed putting food in thier inventories, but that does not work obvs

Maybe need a danser Close by. But sounds weard.

Yea it might but thralls need to be stronger not weaker

Yes combat thralls is totaly useless, to mutch work to brake and equip just so anoter player can kill and loot then after 3 sec…

Yep , same here so lame :frowning: I thought maybe placing dancers around them would help but that did’t do anything either , I am disappointed I was hoping these kind of bugs would be squished after full release … Please Funcom Devs patch this soon

Just waited an entire day for a named thrall on PS4 to break. He’s sitting at 102hp (which is what he started with) and hasn’t healed at all. Scary stuff! Please fix soon.


I just got an Archer lvl 3. I put it in wheal of pain and when it’s finally done I placed it where I want it. The problem is that its Health is 99 out of 720! And it won’t go up.

How do I increase the health of my fighters?

This has to be the number one prioritty right now. Gamebreaking bug.


I made a post about this and the mods just deleted it. Really???

Mods get your fingers out and make a response. Is this intended? Are you working on it?

I 100% agree I’m surprised something like this even made it to launch not healing makes thralls almost useless its a shame. that said I’ve played since early early access and am amazed at how far the game has come. it truly is an Amazing game hats off to the devs. lets just hope the patch for this comes soon!

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Please heal my thralls lolol I needs them… also why can pve players grief you by killing your thralls? Not cool my thralls don’t even defend themselves from player abuse please fix

Hope this gets fixed asap. Still happening! I can only benefit from my crafting thralls atm. :frowning:

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They need to fix the thralls I am tired of killing my own thralls on accident with one bad swing after a enemy wanders into my camp.

lol, i just got a metal picture of conan doing the airplane/spoon trick “you want to survive? then you must devour the the the flying creature headed for your mouth. open wide exile, for sustenance is yummy!”

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