Enemies insta healing

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended but if it’s intended it’s stupid. Why when enemies disengage and return to their post do they automatically completely heal?? In some cases they have literally gone a couple meters and around a corner. Why are they instantly completely healing?? This is quite dumb :man_shrugging:t2:

This came with the Argos update, that means it is more than 6 months this way. This was not the only thing that they change back then. Anyway you are right, it is not nice. There are times that you will make a mistake when you fight and you will get a safety distance to heal, so this is not an option anymore. The mob will insta heal if you stop fighting it. It is challenging i have to admit, but i wouldn’t mind if this optipn wouldn’t exist :wink:.


Well , it is intended , and honestly I like this new “leash” mechanic . Here I will try to expose why I like it and beleive it is a good thing in general for the game.

Previous to the introduction of this mechanic, people could just go to a world boss , pull it accross the whole map , to bring it on other clans thralls that where guarding the outside perimeters of their base. killing thralls ( I am talking about pve and pve-c , at a time where thralls would not engage in pvp combat in pve-c ) so the thralls where not attacking other clans , only pve , and those people kitting bosses would bring so many bosses to thralls that even with godbreaker armor and crom sword they would finish by dying , and be looted. now this is not possible anymore since the boss will go back to it’s spawn point with full hp back each time you try to kite it too much .

also , before the update you would go in the summoning place kill some darfari archer , and see that no one in the village would move to help their neighbours that was screaming to death , now they do react to someone being killed next to them . Yes it has made “raiding” big cities a bigger chalenge , and for people that would use a “stealth” approch to raid cities , I understand it’s not possible anymore and that you have to change your way of doing things and this can be sort of an issue for you, but I must apologize in advance cause this game , even if it is a sandbox game ( so that it encourages doing things your own way ) is not splinter cell , it’s conan “the barbarian” exiles , it’s true identity , even if sometimes a bit in the greyish area, is to kill the npcs you don’t care thralling and that are in your way to thrall a named npc.

also the fact that if you engage a big city , and start to be overwhelmed by it’s hostile population you can run for your life, they will follow you for a moment before the leash kicks in making them go heal to their village same as you while you ran to safety ( to heal back up i presume ) , so why shouldn’t they heal back also , it’s a bit more realistic ( also if you notice , even if their health is back up , their cunconssion bar ( torpeur , the bar to knock them out ) will not fill back up so if you already started knocking one out it will remain almost knocked out for you to finish the job.

I hope that , with that message you at least understand my points on the subject .

While I believe the system could see some tweaks… you have to think, if you can pull back to heal… can’t the enemy do the same thing?

Before, we could cheese fights by sitting on a rock and shoot down. Or kite around indefinitely chugging potions and eating food to heal up. Now we have to engage and finish the engagement. So the intent works.

The part that needs tweaks is the fact that its a bit inconsistent. Sometimes things chase you across the map, sometimes it chases you ten feet before resetting. If it was more consistent, then we’d probably have alot less issue with it.


I do like the fact they heal, the amount of times I would be clearing out a city or camp to stumble upon a level 4 crafter that I accidentally hit before their health bar popped up, with 5% health left it is a pain to knock them out, now I can just disengage and re-engage =)

Well, this is a point that worth some discussion :wink:. Your hp is way lower than every boss you fight, so for this i believe we have the healing option, isn’t it? Still it is very challenging to learn how to heal close to the fight and ofcurse you can grab a shield too and cheese all the fights, if you don’t know how watch the videos of Firespark81, he is full of cheese :joy::joy::joy:.
But sometimes lags happens, and without you know it your take distance from the fight and red mama was almost dead :sob::sob::sob:.
I accept the game as it is my friend, i believe that after the dodge change all the other changes are nothing. Still we adapted and we go on :wink:.
I almost play full encumbrance all the time, so my thralls do most of the kills. All i do is to debuf the bosses so my thrall will finish them faster, but when it comes to mama, i know that this is my fight, because on most of the fight, my thrall is grounded :joy::joy::joy:. So venom infused daggers and axe and go go go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I agree it’s a good feature but it does need tweaking. I like the idea they can heal like us but the instant and complete healing I don’t like at all lol :joy: a partial heal according to how much time you give them would make more sense. I also don’t like that you cannot re-agro them. I’ve sprinted after so many and scored hits but they just single mindedly charge back to position for that full heal :disappointed_relieved:


We would have more of a discussion on your points if Bosses hit like we do. But as it stands now, with a very little need to dodge and our ability to go toe to toe with most stuff without fear makes for a very easy game.

I mean you said it yourself that you let your thrall do all the work while in encumbrance. Which isn’t an invalid tactic. I mean you carry the ammo, and support. That should be as valid as someone using a thrall for extra damage.

My experience is a little unique, because we have mods to aid with increasing the difficulty scale. The hardest boss in vanilla is likely the Arena Champion, but she’s only sporting 5000 health and interesting thing about her, is she’s where I think the boss difficulty should start, not end.

But we do have harder content. Either through AoC Unnamed City alterations and additions. Or my server’s unique admin made dungeons with encounters that do higher damage values. In the latter case, you can’t run and hide causing the bosses to reset, since you’re confined to their rooms. You enter, you fight, and either you or the boss is dead by the end of it.

My favorite is a Demon Spider boss scaled for a level 45 encounter (we don’t just do 60+ content). Its damage is normal. Which is a little scary for a 45-55ish, but its HP is about 8,000. The tricky part is tiny spider adds that respawn every minute. They go down and 1-2 hits easy. But they spit crippling poison throughout the fight.

Another dungeon is Temple of Dagon. Since the fish people NPCs aren’t used much in the base game. We decided to build a dungeon around them. The final boss there is a beefed up Daughter of Dagon with increased HP and x2 dmg. She’s got two beefed up Scholars with her that use daggers and likewise have 2x dmg. That’s a challenging fight if you don’t have bandages.

Problem with increasing damage in settings is it does it to everything. Which you don’t want, since then the level 1-25 game gets frustrating. But I do think Funcom should up the base damage of bosses and minions in the dungeons. Or the armor pen of them significantly. Probably both since I’ve breezed them even in light armor.

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Very well typed, especially your report on the dagoon dungeon broken boss is to the point. Still my worst boss sleeps in the wine cellar. This 4rth skeleton that wields the 2h khari great sword is my worst boss. I believe that this boss cannot go solo. Still it is unfair not to mention how many times the locust queen in the junge got me unprepared, or the tiger managed to corner me, the rhino or the elephant one shot me. You cannot underestimate anything. Do it and you’ll respawn to your bed :joy:.

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