Things that need fixed and others that didnt need to be

With the new expansion some things have changed that doesn’t exactly make sense. The healing system that was added is rather nice but on a single player perspective, it can be difficult to take down a big enemy. The enemies return to their spawn point and instantly regenerate all health. In order to use the potions and wraps to heal, you have to run away from that enemy so it doesn’t interrupt you.

Small thing, the horses no longer scale to the character. For those who are small the horse sinks into the ground, and the small players i know like having little ponies because it makes sense for them. Same for the large characters, the horse instead levitates off the ground and large characters look very strange on them.

last is a smaller issue. the hair textures. while its all nice and shiny, it makes it impossible to have very dark hair. the darkest black ends up with a grey look. this more of a personal suggestion cause my characters look older now but with lots of conditioner.

Hey VixenThiefVT,

I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on Update 2.0 and does not seem to explicitly provide a suggestion. The thread will be seen regardless.

Ohhyeah… %$^%&^

Sadly not only when you try to heal but also when you almost kill the mob sometimes… I had to kill a rocknose almost 4 times since my iron spear dealth so little damage… it just kept returning to his spawn going full health he was camping the iron ores I wanted to harvest…

While bandages can be difficult to use other than an “after action” repair;

You can dodge roll while consuming potions. I did not notice this until a friend on my server pointed it out to me. It makes dealing with longer fights much more manageable.


Dude, thank you so much for pointing that out! :heart:

I hadn’t even bothered to try. I’m gonna try that this afternoon, after work. If it’s true, that’s a game changer.

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I second that. Playing on ps4 and trying bandages more in preparation for update to hit consoles. Thanks

Sadly, I just tried rolling while consuming a potion and it didn’t work. As long as the animation is running, you can’t dodge.

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