Worldbosses. I mean real Worldbosses

I dont mean these huge-hp-dabber keykeeping monsters. (I hope dabber is correct in that context…)

But real worldbosses which are hard to defeat with a party of 5-10 players and instead of having a special reward by harvesting the corpse, one would randomly be granted one of maybe 10 recipes…
(Would be awesome if that would be connected to some archievement in steam account. Then even without it being random it would be a neat change to the way recipes are granted currently.)
These might include new types of beds, fountains, armor or other neat things. (Did I mention I would die for being able to place (fake) trees?)
Or basically anything else than new best in slot equipment. More like really, really fancy throphies.

Models: HUGE! (Like 10x20x15 foundations?)
Melee range: 10 foundations.
Neutral -> leaving the player to attack them first.
Number across the map: 3-5
Respawn: Saturday 20 pm. (or 24 hours)

As for the HP… It should require 15 of godmode braindead slashing minutes of 5 players with best in slot gear.

The dealt damage will make the difference.
Autohit = 750 damage
Single Target hit = 1000 damage.
Single Target shield breaking hit = 20-50% durability lost. (If possible at all?)
If >1 player in 180° in front of the boss: 1200 damage cone; range=10 or 20 foundations?
If 0 players in 360° in range of 11 foundations: 360° 200 foundations range 2000 damage aoe. 5 second channel. Damage dealt every second. (i.e. stomping on the ground?) Caused by receiving damage.

Plus a few extra attacks depending on the kind of monster it is. Cones front+rear 90-180°, 360° AoEs…
Whatever comes into mind.

But please. Make them real worldbosses.
Worldbosses should be rare on the map. And they should be deadly if not prepared.
Those keykeeping pillows dont feel like worldbosses. There just are way too many of them…


And what does not work as solo?
I dont know of a single activity in the game which is not eighter doable in a legit or exploiting way.

The whole game is basically a solo/coop game. Everything can be archieved solo. Everything.
That feels… not really nice for a game which is supposed to be most enjoyable in multiplayer.
Well… at least for me.

So the general idea is to create a rewarding way to play together, even if you dont know the other one for too long.

Because there is no actual reason to play with others. Since the beginning, lots of players wanted to make sure other players wont be able to get inside their base… on bloody pve - way before craftingstations and else were open to public. (Yes I know, they arent anymore on official pve(-c).)

However, even with all this talking about requiring some actual multiplayercontent for official servers, of course singleplayer needs a solution as well.
Its the same I’ve been asking as well.
Additional option tied to bosshp. Not only dungeons, but worldbosses (including keykeepers) as well.
Thus they would become easier to deal with. There might be a bossdmg option needed as well. For SP.


It would be nice to see the Undead Dragon become an AOE monster that you can’t easily kite and would require what you ask. It would also be nice to see a few more of those Un-soloable monsters in the world that I would definitely have to avoid myself, lol. The reward for slaying the monstrosity would definitely have to be better than a key. (recipe or emote?)

Hopefully when the new animations and attacks come out for ‘regular’ bosses, they’ll reduce a bit of their hp to reflect the new combat difficulty (which will take even more time) back to near EA levels. Nobody likes a damage sponge that’s easy but requires finger numbing time.

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Didnt they already tell they will do exactly that? I think it was in one of the community letters in the past. But I am too tired to look it up, sorry.

Uhm what? Have I been doing something wrong going at him with eighter 2h sword or daggers in light armor dodging his stuff all the time? :astonished:

The first part was in agreement with your suggestion (note that I said ‘Become’). He IS far too easy to solo right now (spear or 2h sword in medium for me). That particular boss should not be solo-able, and would make a great addition to the first true world boss, that requires 4+ end game equipped players 15+ minutes to take down. It is kind of a shame that there is nothing in the game that can’t be done solo at the moment. :expressionless:

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Back in the times when we only were allowed to level until lvl 50 (prior to north update), that thing took TONS of arrows to the knee. (Sorry, I just had to!) I think we spent like… I dont really recall… 1000? 1500? 2000? arrows on him?

I think that particular boss was changed to be soloable because of the item he has in his corpse.
It’s one of those bracelet-deleting ingredients. It makes sense for that one to be tuned down for solo players.

However, I would prefer the undead dragon as a worldboss as well and having moved said item to some else creature.


I somewhat agree with this. However when I first looked at the game and heard from my friends it was only about the PvP and PvE. I could care less for solo other than testing builds vs siege and purges. Also if a solo player on PvP or PvE/C specifically ,not accounting for solo/co-op mode, wants to solo this monster on a public populated server they shouldn’t be able to.

Now the part I do agree with. Yes for the players that are on single player or just don’t have others to group with or choose not to can’t fight something of this nature. It would be as he said high risk low reward. It needs to be scaled accordingly to the active players list and/or for solo/co-op to have a definitively set point it is defeatable. I would love to see a huge beast that spawns to help wipe extra/empty/leftover homes and forth that just suck up server processing but it needs to be defeatable on all modes of play. Not levels of play but modes to include the single player/co-opers.


I only say everything is possible to kill solo. Not by which methods. I think there are only a handful of enemies which can oneshot light armored players. As long as one is able to run away (kiting the enemies) its possible to do everything solo. (Or just sit somewhere and poison them… Or get some archer, give him a black ice throwing axe and just keep blocking the monsters attacks.)
And while it seems that actual multiplayer is encouraged (thinking of raid & purgetimes), solo is totally possible. But then again, why make this a multiplayer game if it was intended for solo play?

So I just checked how this game is being presented to people who never heard of it. It actually only tells about it being multiplayer and singleplayer. Not about solo or multiplayer only.
This means not everything needs to be doable by soloplayers, even more if that certain action wont reward you with any progression, but rather trophies in some way. (Which is what I suggested because creating a new bis seems like a bad idea.)
But since there is not a single content actually requiring to cooperate with others, the game shouldnt claim a multiplayer tag at all. Because walking through some area and looking at other peoples bases…
That is supposed to be multiplayer? Sounds like a bad joke.

And as I answered somewhere else, I think it had been mentioned that as soon as the new abilites of those keykeepers will hit, they will take a look at adjusting their insane HP pool.
I am totally with you regarding their HP. (Of most of them.) It was some community letter I think. Or somewhere else? I dont recall too well.

By the way. Those keykeepers are less rewarding to clans if you ask me. Because even if 5 people kill that monster, they will be left with a single weapon. What a great reward.

Wow! Then players who cannot be online during full raid or purge times should get a discount as well?
PvP players who are solo and wont be able to become some servers alpha should get discount as well? What’s with that point of view?! :open_mouth:
Even if you call that incomparable, that reason sounds crazy to me.
People decide themselves to play alone, they are not forced to do so.

Did I actually have to quote myself here? :astonished:

Needs to be considered, but not the primary focus.

I’m sorry, but this is a survival game, it should be hard, but currently it’s NOT! The game needs to be balanced for multiplayer not for solo players. If anyone plays the game solo or co-op, they can adjust the game settings to accommodate their play-style.

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  • Again, survival game. You’re in a harsh environment with everything that moves being hostile, not at disney world. If you opt to play it solo, you’re just making it tougher for yourself. Expecting things remain the same because you’re playing in such a way shouldn’t affect people who are playing the game the way it was meant.

  • Single-player means playing the game offline, not solo play on a multiplayer server. In offline mode as you know, you can adjust the game’s settings to the way you like it.

  • It’s not really lame considering I don’t play on a pvp server. Don’t assume anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a pvp player. There have been plenty of pve players who say the game is way too easy in it’s current state even as a solo player (Which I am btw). If you want to play on a multiplayer server with others, you should understand that you’re playing at a disadvantage and try cope with that.

Expecting to have equal chances as people who are in a group is the ridiculous thing here.


And if the “AI/thralls” were worth a damn in this game, you would fill in the ranks needed to take down this world boss even in single player. You lure him into a trap! Giving your thralls commands would be nice for the trap like wait here, attack, defend, on me, etc. Not possible, I know!

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Well… At the current situation multiplayer needs some love. As I said, no matter the methods but everything is possible to defeat solo. I think even most times without resorting to bow+snakearrows.

Now I am curios: How does a solo player perform pvp with that reasoning?

Just read my sentences. Oh well. Ok? Short words.
I. Want. Serveroptions:
BossHP. BossDMG.
Did you understand now?
Why? Because that will be what will enable all kinds of content for singleplayer without making the whole multiplayer game another solo game. Why are there servers if people just play alone and demand there being no multiplayer content at all?!

(Because that is kind of the thing you are doing right now by saying solo players must under any circumstances be able to defeat everything on their own.)

I dont want to lock out soloplayers but rather prefer to see something which encourages players on (official) servers to team up on stuff.
Because if someone prefers to play alone, but then chooses to play on some server… :drums:
He himself is at fault for not being able to defeat everything. (Unless he already is skilled enough.)

In terms of keykeepers… They arent hard… All they got is some insane HP, thats all. They are too tiring to waste time on them.

With those serveroptions (I take them a given thing if actual worldbosses will ever find their way into the game) singleplayers can defeat everything on singleplayer. But singleplayers on servers choose to play in an environment where they will meet with other players… Where they might be encouraged or even “forced” to team up with said other players. What is wrong with encouraging multiplayer on multiplayer?

Yep, and those soloplayers who play on servers do so by choice. They chose to subdue to the servers rules. If they dont want to, they can eighter start their own server or play singleplayer.

Uhm… Singleplayer -> server settings? Maybe? There stuff can individually balanced. The sole thing not yet it (I will repeat myself, its a shame) is bosshp/&dmg. This really needs to be added!

First off: If you want it hard, go nude with iron gear. Wait. Stonegear.
But that is the sole reason for there being settings at all?!
What you are claiming right now is the same as wanting the hardest setting in any game leaving every single player capable of clearing it - which will (or should?) NEVER happen!

Yes. Then there wouldnt :drum: not even be a singleplayer mode at all!
Then things as “thougher” enemies or even dungeons wouldnt be a thing at all!

Because the game is NOT tagged solo only. Its tagged for both solo and multiplayer.
Singleplayer comes with 3 premade choices reflecting easy -> hard + individual settings, while official serversettings got their own settings which everyone who chooses to play on them agrees with.
That may include multiplayer content as well. Though there is none, as I already said.

Only incapable (including inexperienced) players (due to whatever reason) are not able to defeat everything in any way.

Sorry, just had to spout this.

If this game will never get some multiplayercontent back, then the multiplayer tag should be ripped off the game completely.

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This whole solo/multiplayer debate really needs to be addressed in a different manner than, “this content isn’t for you” or dumbing down the content to be possible solo. It’s nothing new to have content scale based on nearby players, or by the number of online players in a lobby.

Putting aside the obvious fact that there are world bosses in game but they lack difficulty, the HP and damage issue should be adjusted depending on the number of players online in the server. The choice of difficulty should only change the base values but not any multipliers as it tends to scale way to high.

The lack of challenging multiplayer content isn’t to blame on single player and the high health scaling isn’t to blame on multiplayer for those who play solo. The content just isn’t made to address varying amounts of players without server settings which only work on fixed amount of players. Needless to say it isn’t working. Developing a challenge in each boss will help multiplayer but harm single player, they need to scale these encounters then add challenging mechanics.


You had me at tree’s :evergreen_tree::palm_tree:

If a player logs onto a MULTIPLAYER server and expects to gain the same results, albeit time and resource based results, as a group of players taking on a large behemoth of a monster that player is stupid. Obviously if that player spends the time poisoning and bleeding the target they will get the result of victory. But if that player, again, logs onto a MULTIPLAYER server and expects the same state of game as solo/co-op game mode they shouldn’t be surprised they can’t. If they were to make the creature equally difficult as the solo/co-op mode vs PvP mode or PvE mode larger clans, many players on some servers can back up this statement, would farm the crap out of them depending on what resource/loot they give. Overall the creature(s) should be scaled according to mode and the max number of players a server can have. Its just a matter of setting the strings in the coding to check for game mode and server player count.

Separate note I think the solo players on the multiplayer orientated game modes need to stop thinking of themselves and realise they have clans/groups of players they have to play against. Why make it easier for them? Those players are just being ignorant at best.


Missed this tidbit. Exactly! A separate mode needs different scaling.

Thanks for having summed up my opinion NinjaEd.
This is exactly what i think about this topic. The game SHOULD be soloable of course as it is designed for solo players and of course there should be a scaling system to make the multi player experience more challenging and enjoyable (guess that’s not that easy to developp…)

@Shadoza I do understand when I see the solo/co-op like this only before you would only say solo and I misunderstood as there are players playing solo on multiplayer there are those that prefer this… army of one style.

Really finding that game balance is rough. A few strings of code could adjust the spawn by looking at what I had stated before. I am partial to PvP and the occasional pve-c. Solo/co-op I don’t really care for because it’s just a testing feature for builds for me but I do see how people can sit and enjoy it when they don’t have the time to invest.

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I dont know if that is possible in this game. It sounds great…
Even more the lobby as I guess this would be needed to be changed as well - and then it would make sense to add a lobby chat on top. Maybe even being able to write in lobby and read lobby while playing on a server…

Server settings. Due to these solo players would be perfectly fine. Playing on a 40 slot server means multiplayer; means content scaled for multiplayer.
If then a solo player manages to kill said boss with only some archer thrall covering his back, he can be proud.

Me too. Time to delete any bookmark related to Conan Exiles if that happens.
I didnt buy Conan Exiles to play a SP game. Even if I am most of the times alone, but I can team up with others if I see it fit and get to know them, have fun with them.

I dont think that is the way purge works. @Tascha Or am I wrong, believing the strenght of purge only depends on server settings (1-6) and the location where someone built?
But yes, this attempt would be fine, having bosshp scale with the number of players.

That sounds interesting!

Then why do we argue? Why not demand those server settings instead? This would help both solo/coop AND multiplayer. Both get enriched due to eighter bringing HP lvls down to solo/coop OR giving people some multiplayer content.

Depends on how you intend to have it work. If its supposed to be scaling down depending on a number of players… which do you take? I would assume number of players currently connected to the server; I think that would be the easiest?
Just tune bosses down for solo, then add a multiplier which is set to be the number of current players online. Or would that be impossible to do?

Even though that was meant for Shadoza, I would like to pick that one up as well:
Army of one style is usually mine as well. And that style is just fine if those players wont complain.
Aside of tuning bosshp depending on their rewards. (Keykeepers hold no reward for me, I couldnt care less about legendary weapons… With that info, it may be clear why I agree on their HP being too high. Heck, Funcom didnt even change the rhino soup to grey rhino head but still uses blacky head.)

that’s exactly what i meant.
Hard? apparently yes, otherwise funcom would have adapted it already, right?