Why does funcom hate thier single player offline mode?

Why doesn’t funcom check nerf effect on single player offline mode?

They nerf everything useful to a singles player offline mode player.

This is not OK!

I payed full price like every other preorder bonus!

Give me some support here.

This is why this game should NOT have PVP in it.

Unfair PVP blances in my offline single player mode!

Explain how my Offline single player mode effects PVP?

The answer is it does not effect PVP!

Can you at funcom staff stop nerfing my game version with PVP blance patches full of nerfs?

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PVP is a major selling point for many players, suggesting that it should be entirely removed for your sake is both selfish and idiotic :slight_smile:

Please take other people in consideration when making suggestions like these.


I’ve played this game since launch mostly PVP official, I honestly would be bored out of my mind playing it solely as a single player game. TBH it would be nice to see more Skyrim like elements like randomly generated quests / side quests and such. So much potential for deep backstories drawing from Conan lore that keep you playing.

PVP nerfs hurts the other elements of gameplay.

There are 4 modes 3 are online.

3/4 cost plus to play on.

PVP nerfs hurts PVE,Co-op and offline single player mode.

3/4 major mode hurts.

When you make nerf for 25% of the game modes it hurts 75% of other game modes.

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the game is designed mostly as a multiplayer online sandbox experience and what I’m getting at is the single player version lacks content. Balance between offline and online game play modes seems like a moot point when the game doesn’t really stand on its own as just a single player game.

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Your point is flawed.

You can balance PVP from PVE.

This game mostly PVE.

3/4 modes are not PVP.

Multiplayer sand box is NOT auto PVP.


The big driver to Conan exiles is online multiplayer sandbox and a large part of that is PVP too. It’s not hello kitty online and conflict and competition drives some of the most popular servers. Even on PVE servers you see petty squabbles over land/resources. Even so, the view I’m expressing is that the single player/ pve game does need more work and content to keep most players sticking around. Ever wonder why Skyrim is still played so many years after its release? It’s near unending content. One of the most common complaints I hear about this game regardless of game mode is that after awhile there’s nothing to do outside of some form of conflict or new content.


What is your problem? What did they nerf that make you this upset?

This game isn’t pve, this game is a survival game, survival games should be difficult, should challenge you and your sanity (I’m a rust player), the pve in this game is a joke, I can kill the croc boss with the stone spear given enough time, with 30 str i can kill hyenas with my fists…

I really don’t understand what problem you have…I would have understood somebody getting angry for decay in single player, but combat nerf???

Could you explain?


Just rendering a guess…sptiballing with some business logic… but online is where there will be still incoming cash flow long after Funcom moves on to another project. New free content and officials cost them money. Online private servers hosted by g-portal or other server services will be a small revenue stream (Totally guessing that Funcom gets some kind of % of the fees…if not then i suck at business 101…)

And the way this game is structured…no dungeon crawls, open sandbox with minimal story development, non destructible in game buildings… seems to cater to a more online multiplayer
type game play. I am not saying that it should completely abandon SP and offline, but just the logic says online is a higher strategic concern.

To balance everything is not a great strategy. Football terms, if you have 2 starting quarterbacks, you don’t have a starting quarterback.

While i understand your love for single player, the only question is:

Do you think Funcom would make these changes if the player counts on each side (SP/MP) were the same, or close to the same.

My first thought without actual numbers is that Funcom is doing what any good business does, and caters more towards a majority of a fan base, while still trying to stay close the the original vision. In the end it is a business, and if i had to choose to keep 1 player vs 2 by making a nerf/buff, I would choose to keep 2. It is common sense math that has driven profitable businesses for ever. There is a saying that you can’t please all the people, all the time. IOt exists for a reason.

I feel there is more than enough SP content within it to have a different experience, even on official. I am in the midst of doing it now. Normally a big clan guy, but have refrained and wanted to survive on my own. Nothing has limited anything i have done so far mechanics wise. The only difference, is now i don;t have to go to battle because my idiot clan mate snaked someone, or got jumped. I do as i please, when i want, how i want. Been freeing. And no mechainc has felt limited at all.

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I’ve played a lot of solo games and I have to disagree with some of what you’ve said.

(1) feat points. Never run out of them even when playing solo and if I did, I’d use a reset potion.

(2) healing. Don’t recall ever having an issue with this even when I’d just started the game. Have you considered turning the difficulty down in your single player game?

(3) agreed that it seem odd that you can’t use the insulated wood building blocks until level 28, by which point you might as well wait until t3 is available at level 30. It would make more sense to increase the cost of black ice structures (requiring 3 - 10 times more black ice for example) in order to balance the t3 structures.

(4) world bosses. I don’t think that they’re too hard, but I do agree that they’re an order of magnitude harder when solo. Have you tried bringing a thrall along for the fight? A good cimmerian or volcano fighter with epic heavy armor shouldn’t have too much difficulty surviving most boss fights. I’ve soloed most world bosses. The earwig and demon spider are easiest.

(5) obsidian is no problem for single players. Start metal is however quite annoying to find in the single player/coop game (something I realized when I moved to a server). For the obsidian, a single run to the volcano forge should provide you with enough bars to last a lifetime. But you’d be better off sticking to the serpentman recipes.

(6) bandages: can’t say I ever use them.

the answer is simple. funcom hates all of their player base.


About feat/skill points:
While I do agree, that harsher limits on feat points may enforce trading and I would welcome that…
The current situation is:
As long as you dont feel the urge of running around with the knowledge of each decoration, weapon and armor, you are never forced to respec because of your feats.
I never used any else armor than light exile/reliq hunter/DLC stuff, so I never invested points into these - aside of getting the journey. (acc armor+vanir)
I always had points spent on polearms, 2h swords and daggers.
Thus I would even be in for -200 feat points. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

About healing:
IMO each and every player should go for 30 vitality anyway. Everyone did prior to the perksystem too, so I see no reason for people NOT to invest into vitality now. I do agree that a t0 healing wrap using fiber+aloe would be great though! (Possibly part of the basic cooking feat? To enable SOME out of combat healing?)
Prior to autoregen, life is harsh. After that, life becomes easier by each level…
However, it is possible for a practiced player to survive and even wipe camps in the north with fiber “armor” and stone weapons. How do you think that people level on pvp? … A “few” hours slaying i.e. new asagarth and they are 60… (daggers?..)
Did you really have fun facetanking the most brutal creatures because healing was so damned OP that even a light armored guy could facetank them?
People still do way too much facetanking… (If you should ever check out calamitous, some people just facetank these giant bears… Not exactly the best idea…)

About norther t2 building parts:
They completely overlooked that. And they keep ignoring that point too! @Ignasis Or am I wrong? :slight_smile:
Having the press be lowered to 19/20 would solve this issue. Or they could just make them require dry wood, resin and iron reinforcements. Something along these lines.
By the way. I would still LOVE to see wooden t1.

About these “worldbosses”.
I still hate that people agreed on that term for these monsters.
The big white elephant may be considered a worldboss. Heck, the undead dragon was a proper worldboss at lvl 50 times. But the current ones? …
They have been nerfed in HP and as always it’s a sandbox. The player him/herself is supposed to find whatever way works best for him/her to kill a boss.
-> A lot of people used palisades or huge staircases to kill bosses. Others just bring a bow and lots of (different) poison to kill the boss. Yet other people may bring a shield and companion with daggers/bleed to kill stuff while most damage is being dealt by their companions while the players themselves block the bosses attacks.
Though I agree that they seem to be balanced for multiplayer while not rewarding multiple players.
Same for dragons, though these are a different matter. (Even though I block, most of their attacks wont be blocked and instead knock me over/kill me.)

The special materials/recipes thingy:
I doubt that each and every PvEplayer agrees with you. The pve-part of me is thankful for these different approaches on different materials and stuff.
You should try age of calamitous. Their recipes are by far more complicated. An endgame metal bar requires killing giant bears, which isnt too much of a good idea for solo players. Then it still requires a huge chunk of materials being used for the cores at the volcano forge which then need to be refined at the frost temple forge.
Star metal isnt really something I enjoy though. (Due to it being random.)

Bandages? My guess is that they had been supposed to become like this when they first had been implemented. I might be wrong though. But honestly… Why would anyone use bandages if they could just gulp some herbal tea or that soup? …

In my opinion there is a third faction. Roleplay.
I do think that roleplayers have the longest playtime of all players due to them actively creating their own content. One might sneer at it, but those guys are usually the best builders and extremely creative!
Those are by far superior to the other two when it comes to the amount of hours they spend playing…

Then again your “play together: stay together” is missing one crucial point.
There needs to be a reason to play together. This would call for:

  • at least doubled difficulty
  • proper worldbosses
  • enforced teamplay by eighter actual multiplayercontent or harsher limits on skillpoints

To name just a few.
Players are demigods as it stands right now. There are only VERY few enemies who prove to be hard. And those will prove to be hard for multiple people too!

I thought higher of you. Seems you could use some instagib stick then.
(Because having OP healing means that any fighting only needlessly prolongs the process. Why not instagib then, if there is no danger anyway. :woman_shrugging: )

I do agree on that being exploiting.
I myself at most use natural terrain. (Bows+poison)
Though I only do so with that rocknose, and I honestly enjoy the gamble of life and death utilizing a bedroll, two handed sword and light armor. One wrong action and I am sent flying. :rofl:
But i.e. black scorpions and rhinokings are fair game now. They got a good amount of health so they are not done in <30 seconds like the spider back then, but they dont require too much time to kill them eighter.

While it’s true that herbal tea wont stop bleeding, I rarely see an occasion to get rid of bleeding.
Shouldnt antidotes stop bleeding? :thinking:
Seriously, the rare occasions I get 4+ bleedstacks, I eighter am dead or will survive with only few HP. How is that not okay?
Having to heal up after a fight sounds fair to me. If one wants to keep slashing, they should eighter be practiced enough to not need time to heal up OR play a different game which then fits better. Having to heal up sounds like a fair part of a game calling itself a survival game. And we dont even have diseases…

To be fair:
I had been the same about mods. I hate the idea of having to rely on private people to continue their work.
However, I fell in love with Pippi. I love being able to get creative without having too complicated stuff get forced on me. And I also like age of calamitous for more content - which then is a tad more complicated than vanilla. Twisted, arent I?
Oh and I had been the same way about private servers. But then again pure pve is way too boring to me, thus I prefer some action. Yet again with cheaters, glitchusers, people who use macroes and so on, I didnt continue to enjoy playing on official pvp…

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If you don’t like parts of single-player, just use the console to tweak them. I think it’s plenty fun myself, quite a fun challenge. If you think killing world bosses is hard/long solo, you clearly never bothered killing the bridge dragon in dark souls.

There a difference in challenge and overpower.

Joel Bylos admits that world bosses are OP.

I can’t link videos.

I’m on ps4 not a PC.

Else I would link it.

Funcom needs to fix the heavy nerfing.

There are 3 other modes.

Most of the game none PVP.

Do keep in mind that singleplayers aren’t as affected as official multiplayers are through the virtue of mods and access to admin panels.

But does that mean singleplayers should become second class citizens just because they can help themselves, as oppossed to the multiplayers?

Only if singleplayers can become “official” singleplayers by way of vanilla-locking. (Locked admin panel from the beginning) can they talk about balance being disadvantageous to them.


Just straight forward only add worldbosses to multiplayer.
Then people who want to play the solo mode (which isnt even offline -could use a “fix” if possible) wont be able to engage multiplayer content as that simply isnt part of their world…
Should be fine, right?
This whole reasoning about no multiplayer content at all because there is solo too really wont ever get through to me. I will keep saying that each and every part of the community needs it’s content.
As it currently stands, multiplayer got the lowest amount of content, given how like 99% can be done solo.
Not always easily, but it is possible.
But some people will always want a game which is about multiplayer to become about solo only.
Ahhh… Funcom? Can you please cook up a solo-only-version? Just delete the server browser and adjust everything to solo only and sell that as some 30 Euro standalone game DLC. :joy: :crazy_face:
Only half joking.

True. And I would like to hand a instagib stick over to you as that seems fun to you too. :slightly_smiling_face:
However, dont expect everyone to want a magic instagib stick. Other people may even enjoy a proper struggle.

You for yourself decide to limit yourself to solo.
If you buy a solo+multiplayergame but only want to play solo, then play solo only.
The world of both is the same. So all one can do is change “server settings”. (So if they should review the default settings of those difficulties, then suggest in what way…)
You and only you are in charge of creating your personal gaming experience.

It’s the same dumb argument people have about MMORPGs.
Usually one faction who demands more content, while others claim the guys who ask for more content havent yet done every content aviable.
People choose for themselves what their content is.
I for myself dont see grinding worldbosses as content. It is possible, but not worth it. But that is the opinion of one person and seeing how others use legendary weapons and stuff…
When will you get it? Both of you?
You for yourself are in charge of your gaming experience.

Short version?
Because I’ve had enough of this and these “reasons” make me go haywire. Sorry about that.
And by demanding the game to be tuned for solo, you do belittle everyone who enjoys this game being multiplayer or just anyone who doesnt want the game to become even easier.

This is why it was only a half joke to have Funcom push out a standalone client which is tuned to solo and has no way to connect to any multiplayer. Even coop might be deleted out of it. This would allow for every last thing to be tuned for solo while leaving multiplayer alone.
(Half of the joke being the instagibstick. Those things arent fun. I only started about that because it makes no difference wether one has extremely OP healing (enabling fighting nude) or just oneshots stuff. Both come with same “danger”. None. Thats not survival at all.)
I highly doubt that this will be done though.

Is that so? I disagree.
The sole ones making it a competition are trolls who build extremely large or at resource nodes…
The game is perfectly fine to be soloed. Most of it.

To sum it up:
The reason why I am against making the game any easier is because the current live state is easy enough.
Even though I am part of a clan, I still am playing most of the content solo. …

You got some points. They really didnt think about some stuff. (t2)
But that doesnt mean that I agree with each of your points.

Well, I play solo on my multiplayer map. I like helping people, and chatting with them. I found that simply being friendly helps with self-governance of a server.

Sure, I had a 6 month war with a crazy person, and that was gruelling, but now things are quiet and fun again (IMO) and the experience is very similar to SP, except you feel like all that you do means something.

I haven’t felt like official servers are difficult so far ; You truly get to master a game’s nuances when you can’t cheat, and before you know it, everything becomes easier.

If you are in EU, I cordially invite you to try out my official PvE server. Everyone on my server is friendly and there’s plenty of space even at good spots. I have ensured that all obilisks remained public, maproom and all.

I’ll of course help you whenever you need assistance. If you feel like having end-game gear to level up, I"ll hook u up with some legendaries and some legendary repair kits.

Ya know? You don’t have to be alone all the time, anymore.