I don't get the PvE vs PvP distinction on this forum


I played AoC back in the days and remember how divided the players were when it came to PvE vs PvP, how to balance the game and what content the devs should prioritize. It made total sense that this divide existed because PvE players crafted, raided, did dungeons and lvld their hundred alt from zero to 80 while PvP players only cared about K/D ratio, PvP xp, PvP mitigation buffs, siege, minigames etc. The divide was there because of how differently we participated in the game.

It’s not like that in conan exiles. PvP players spend countless hours farming mats, building bases, catching thralls, farming dungeons/bosses. Basically PvP players do all the PvE content there is, we just do PvP in addition to that. Whenever an item is nerfed, a boss is buffed, a recipe is changed, or a new bug comes along it impacts PvP players just as much as PvE players.

I play on a PvP server myself and I still spend the majority of my time doing PvE, there is just no way around it.


Many have tried to explain that, but as PVP players, we are labeled as toxic, and only caring about ourselves. TBH, even raiding is really more about PVE, as it is thrall defenses that are the most trouble. The only thing different is base design, and losing your stuff to another player. That is it. The rarity of actual combat vs one another is why we want the fighting to not be 1 shots and insta-heals. It is so rare, that we feel robbed when there is no actual dueling with weapons because 1 thrall 1 shot, or i had you down to a tick, and in 2 seconds you are 100% health again.

And the 2 major “nerfs” that divides us is the LBS and SoC. But with those and the contant want for mounts/in base obbies would result in not needing to play at all…
Life Blood Spear OG version – No risk when fighting NPC’s…insta heal
Sword of Crom on thrall – ! minute Boss battles, 1 shots on most other NPC’s – No need to bring your own weapon.
Insta-travel/Mounts – no reason to enjoy the great scenery on your harvesting trips.

If all that existed, i wouldn’t play. And technically, no one else would be playing either.

So yes, we as PVPers ask for adjustments. But sometimes it is also for the fact the game is way to easy outside of PVP with out them.

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I don’t see the distinction either when it comes to nerfs. IMO the main difference is that non-PvP settings have additional barriers and safe-guards that shield it’s players from the true reasons for these nerfs. I’m very sorry they went too far with the LBS nerf and the stealth 5 sec SoC is a low blow too. I feel their pain, but this will hopefully swing slightly back towards middle ground with a future patch. All of these items are just tools to get the job done. It really sucks that your favorite one isn’t as good anymore, but there was a reason it was your favorite, it was UNBALANCED.

PvP players (the smart ones) can see the changes coming from testlive and can forecast how that will affect them, hence a call from certain forum members (mainly PvP) requesting a change FOR THE GENERAL HEALTH OF THE GAME.
The devs make adjustments, possibly not slight enough as compared to professionally competitive games, to try and compensate and hopefully create a more realistic environment.


I’ll take a stab at this. Though I’m probably sticking my head into the hornet’s nest. Off the top of my head, I see two main sources of division:

There is a subset of PVP players who see themselves as superior, and they are not shy to tell anyone that those who don’t play PVP that they consider PVE an inferior/weak choice, or that such players have no right to even voice their concerns. In my experience, they are not often corrected in this view by other PVP players, though I know for a fact that those opinions are not universal.

Then there’s the fact that there’s a perception that PVP players whine until they are listened to, while PVE players are ignored or (at best) pushed to the back of the queue. I list this as a fact because it’s a fact that it’s perceived this way - whether it’s true or false. The recent cases of the Crom Sword and LBS are the most notorious, though they are not the only examples.


There are too many labels being thrown around. I want to murder other players. That’s what I’m there for, and I’m good at it.

Many of my friends can attest to another truth: as a PvP player one is subject to ridicule within and on our own servers. For instance, if you share with others, you’re “CareBear.” If you ally with other solos you’re “Tryhard.” And possibly the most withering, if you keep to yourself and only kill when pursued or harassed, you’re “Dark Souls.”

The fact is, I grew weary of the base game because it’s a bit too easy. Having my stuff at risk, and needing to keep my head on a swivel was just the ticket. The added strictures of Official Servers make it oh so real. But that’s just how I like to play. By and large, I do PvE stuff, and have no desire to steal any of yours. I guess that makes me a TryDarkBear.


I agree. And I try to be a voice of reason, and i will get into heated debates with other PVPers, especially those that practice the bully tactic of name calling. That is why i really play PVP. To be a thorn in the uber pvper’s arrsse. I don’t really care to loot, as i can farm way faster than raiding loot lotto bases.

In general, i take nothing personal unless it was intended to be. And then i just smile and golf clap their arrssse. And that is the point of some of the pvpers who are defending their selves. That and some of the PVE community feel slighted personally, and I really , highly, indubitably think Funcom is out to get any of us personally (Except you @Barnes. We can all agree @barnes deserves it though :wink: ) .

Many a post i see me and I, and hide behind one of the groups (PVE / PVP). That and the defensive nature if someone one disagrees on your post. It is called a forum, not a soap box. So you will get counter arguments to your view points, just like i will get wiped and raided on PVP servers.


It’s an extension of the eternal “us” vs. “them” and “my way” vs. “their way” spectrum that controls pretty much all our interactions these days. Can’t even escape it in the Exiled Lands. If it helps “them” it must hurt “us”. Any attempt to defend “their way” and the other side just labels them as whiny. Then you end up with threads of 100+ messages about someone leaving that is basically just “you guys suck, you killed muh game” and “nuh uh” back and forth.


Am i the only one to think that Rp mode is the true way of playing the game ?

On a more serious note, this clivage is ongoïng for way too long, especialy because of the fact that this is a survival, and everything we do have a cost somewhere, therefore a lot care about what they have grind over the month (years for some)

Regardless of the mode, i think the problem is more around people who wan’t to enhance their personnal experience VS people who wan’t to enhance the game for everyone (so where’s the damn city life/siege warfare update funcom ! <3 )

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I called some one a pve er on here a while ago and the guy took offence :blush: like I said then tho … I pve hard so I can pvp … I just use the term pve er when you can tell a person just generally enjoys the game… don’t necessarily join servers for pvp but just general interactions …there usually the nuetral people on the servers just happy building there pretty bases and cause no trouble to anyone :upside_down_face:

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Lol, just look at those pve boÏ who do building contest & have their best work display in game, surely they play the game the wrong way xD

This sounds like the essence of the issue to me. While PvPers may spend most of their time engaged in PvE activities, items that are well-functioning for PvE-only content spoil one of the most anticipated aspects of PvP.

Unfortunately, since Funcom can’t (won’t?) provide separate balance / loot tables for PvP and PvE, our options for our prefered methods of play become mutually exclusive. And when that happens, we find ourselves where we are now.

Now for some items, like the SoC, one way around this might be to have the weapons use one damage value against AI targets (thralls, pets, monsters, NPCs) and a separate damage value when hitting a player. In this way, a high damage weapon might shave boss fights down to a more reasonable time while not making PvP duels a 2-second affair.

We’d have to get a bit more creative with the LBS, but perhaps having the rate of healing ramp-up the longer it’s held while not being re-damaged, or simply having a 15+ second delay would be viable.

As for the Vitality 30 perk, I see no reason why that couldn’t just be tied to whether PvP is currently enabled or not. i.e. If it’s raid-time on a PvE-C or the server is full-time PvP then use the current reduced value. Otherwise, use the prior value. Hell, on server that’s only part-time PvP (PvE-C, etc), the difference in regeneration rates might show up as a status buff, perhaps add something called “Asura’s Blessing” that denotes when global regeneration is in effect.

From a player’s standpoint, these seem like such minor things to implement that I can’t understand why they wouldn’t be done if it would help quell so much of the bad blood and divisiveness…

I think this is where I have a lot of disconnect between other players in general. Right now, with a 6000 HP thrall in heavy Khitan, and a blade of the adventurer spiked fitting, my thrall and I can kill a boss in under 3 minutes. Any faster for me, and i wouldn’t play any more. Even now, it feels extremely cheesy. I sit there with a healing arrow, and someimes throw in a stack of bleed to speed it up even more.

PVP/PVE does not matter, insta killing a world boss in this manner takes from the accomplishment. Drowning in the Dagon dungeon is more a risk than the actual bosses tbh.

And the problem with a “PVP” only setting, is that I am not always fighting, and sometimes i am farming and releasing stress with my friends running dungeons.


Should note, when i do this, i do wacky fun builds, and use weapons i would usually not. Just so the bosses are an actual challenge.

That’s great for folks like you and I who have boss fights and dungeons down to a science, but not so much for solo players who lack exposure to the collected wisdom of a server’s population to coach them. Remember in any game, the portion of the player base who participates on the forums is usually a very small percentage of the overall population.

Perhaps a solo-player buff rather than a PvP nerf then?

LOL, it is far from science. Brains not necessarily needed.

But you could say that about the entire game. The only way people learn on Conan are three ways…

  1. Trying different approaches, and feeling accomplished because you figured out the “puzzle” and ticks all by yourself.

  2. Playing on a server, and learning from the community.

  3. Google it, and be led to Youtube, Reddit or here.

Out of the 3, i tend to be more of a #1, but will use the other 2 if necessary.

So “they won’t know” is not viable to making the game even easier when playing the PVE part.

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I’d rather not name people, but even with the benefit of the forums, how do you account for the extreme difficulty some of the solo players here have experienced and complained about for months and months now? It’s not like we’re playing Ninja Gaiden when you have to have millisecond-precise reactions…


To be fair… its ******** and ***hats and ******* that get all talking and ruin it for everyone.

There PVPer who uses what ever, play what ever, does whatever. No one cares about them as a issue.
Its the micro managing ********* of a ****** who is doing everything and everything to be in *** to others.
And then toss out “build, dominate, survive” as there counter for reasons.
Its META BS that drives me insane honestly.

Or the people who wait for you to not be there, and then attack.
Cause ““build, dominate, survive””

Its not pvp if your killing people not online or afk, those are some of vocal people sometimes.

My PVP experience in this game is 80% ***** and ******. I’m home, I’m waiting, I got thralls… why you no PVP me?
I go to log out, and come back later to find you trolled my house with stuff in my yard, took out my thralls…

Most player I saw in field emoted, and we did are things… little pvp out in field. Oh noes! Sera is trying climb something, gets sniped
for **** sakes…
“build, dominate, survive”

Its video game… not real life. In real life, we wait for those moments to have advantage.
In Video Game? Whats point of 1 sided fun and not trying to have actual PVP.

Same issue is in Fo76, META builds just OPing people. Its not PVP, its just murder…

If META in games was just barely better or had several items to use… I’d be more down for it.
When handful of thing rule the map, whats point…

Really wish there was a way to turn off this juvenile censorship of “bad words”. It’s completely ridiculous that in a game with full nudity and bodily dismemberment that we can’t make sense of a fellow poster’s replies because of bull**** asterisks or blocks everywhere!


Not true in my case (and hopefully others), I wanted nerfs to items like SoC from a Pve and PvP viewpoint. This is simply because I want the game to be balanced in all aspects, it’s how I prefer games to be.