Buffs / Nerfs for Nerf Modes Only

In reference to a conversation that branched in another post, we; as a community, need to separate styles of play and recommendations for those modes.

Developers are grouping suggestions in one pile for all game modes and styles of play, especially when it comes to nerfs and buffs and that just simply isn’t how it should be done. Using a broad stroke is a major failure when multiple game modes exist.

For example, nerfing bombs in PvP is just silly while even having bombs in PvE is pointless. What are you going to blow up if you can’t damage buildings?

There are a few things that cross the game modes. Though for the most part, PvP players know exactly what they are in for; WAR and destruction. They know they must prepare for that moment they could be wiped clean and sent back to the stone age (literally). PvE or Ce whatever it’s called, they know they can sit back in their thrones and dress up their pretty dollhouses and have fun building them. Nothing can hurt you in your base (can Avatars?)
Why in the world would any developer take a weapon or combat recommendation from someone that has no intention of seeing battle?
From the sounds of some of the forum members finally starting to speak out, their thoughts should echo this post.
So suggest away but let’s be honest, Conan is a different game and meant to be different on PvP than any of the other modes. Let’s keep it brutal. At the rate it’s going battles will be decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors soon.

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I agree with @SirDaveWolf that pvp should drive the changes mostly.

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I second that. Survival games are at their fullest with PvP, and Conan-style survival games are designed with PvP in mind. It’s intended that you’re going to compete with other players as PvP is the full game. Removing PvP is the same as removing an aspect of the game.

Everyone should be able to play how they want. But people playing without PvP shouldn’t have more say than those playing PvP, because PvPers are playing the full game with every single thing factored in.

However, there does need to be a middle ground. If everything changed to suit PvPers, then non-PvPers wouldn’t be able to play as they’d like. Main balance changes SHOULD be based around PvP, but we can’t just forget about everyone else.


Read my original post of this thread. I stated that they need to make changes specific to modes rather than blanket changes.

I was replying to Ranson.

Referring to your OP, If by separated changes you mean having separate changes for PvE and PvP, then I hate to say it but it’s not possible. Two separate patches each update means updates take twice as long to come out, not to mention that it’s more work and money spent.

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My impression is that this game was not designed so different modes of play can have separate updates how you are suggesting.
This impression is formed by the settings to enable or disable PvP aspects eg when players can kill other players, enabling building damage, looting player corpses, disable avatar summoning etc are turn on/off settings with or without options for time specific actions, “server-side” rather than being built into a PvP vs PvE-C vs PvE setting.
This allows more flexibility for settings on servers and single/co-op games but doesn’t lend itself very well to unique PvP vs PvE coding infrastructure when by a few clicks on the server settings can switch a PvE environment into a PvP one.


ATM major battles are decided by who can farm avatars the fastest.

Sorta miss the days when avatars were disabled.

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An Avatar only lasts a minute, you can see them coming and there is only one person you need to kill to stop the attack. Avatars are not all powerful. If someone is using one on you, look for the summoner. Kill them and the Avatar dies. Good thing is, they won’t be too far away and will almost always be right where the Avatar spawned.

Only skilled teams will know that they have to protect that player.

The other way to defend against Avatars is to prepare a protection bubble. If you see a “True name” token moving toward you on the map, start your bubble. Their token will expire before your bubble does.

IF in the event they get to you before you can get the bubble up, you’ll have to hold them off till someone in your base can get it activated. That’s done through good outer perimeter defenses and good land claims so they can’t get close enough to use an Avatar before time runs out.

Don’t use Avatars as an excuse. Plan for them and protect against an attack and it will give you something more to do. #1 Rule - Always have backups to return from an asswhoopin.

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Star Metal shells?

As far as I know, purges are the only things that can damage a PVE base. Enemies can still get inside and all that depending on how you build or if you leave doors open and the like.

I am pretty sure they already have some differences anyway, such as PVP servers letting you harvest faster than PVE.

Also, I don’t see why it would be so hard to just add another step to damage calculations when attacking a player character. If PVP players think a spear does too much damage, just adjust its “vs player character damage modifier” and done. The spear now does less damage in PVP, and PVE is left unchanged. You don’t even have make different changes across modes because a “versus player character damage modifier” is never even going to come into play in PVE.

Once the avatar is summoned yes, otherwise not necessarily

LOL WTF!? You’re going to use a bomb on a Star Metal shell? LOL. Okay, now that is just silly and a massive waste of resources. You can simply use an demon fire orb. Which is not considered and explosive.

As for the rest, again, if a player is complaining that a spear is too powerful; 1 - They’re not high enough level for the fight they’re in, 2 - They just suck at fighting 3 - They’re playing the wrong server mode.

What are you talking about? Once a token is made you can see them coming. You can watch them on the map. An Avatar token will literally float around the map where the player that has it is. You don’t have to wait till they’re summoned to “see” them coming. There is a notice on the screen then you can go to the map to see where they are and where they’re going.

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Apparently, they and funcom disagree.

Explosive arrows actually, but they still use a dragon powder.

I’m talking about the reality of a game where what you say is intended mechanics but not true when certain exploits exist. Consider yourself fortunate you have spared and not seen them firsthand.

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This is false. There are a great many of Solo Players surviving, and even dominating on PVP servers. As a matter of fact, a lot great clans have a bunch of really skilled solo players, that just decided to team up. The only time clans really work together and share is in times of war. Otherwise they built their own outposts, grind their own stuff. Not all PVP clans are server wipers who thrive on the fighting alone. There are a lot of servers where solo’s have rebuilt countless times after toxic wars between big clans because they enjoy the challenge and usually outlast those on the server who are there only to fight and bully in numbers.


Nerfy weapons benefit PVP players more than any other mode.

PVE players don’t want nerfy weapon in general. They want that boss’s shiny cup for the shelf in their corner bedroom. If the boss disagrees, they are perfect happy using the “OP God Sword of FU-UP in 1 Hit” to convince him of how amazing that cup would look on their shelf.


I will agree with you there. I don’t see many exploits because I don’t play where they’re as easy to use. We only play official servers where everyone plays on an equal starting ground.

LOL, don’t come to any servers we play on. If you’re a solo player, you’re the first to get hit. You’ll be rebuilding forever. However, if you take a hit like that and stay around, THAT is the player I respect and want as part of our team…Well, alliance as we only allow family or close friends in our clan. Can’t risking a double agent.

As for

Umm that’s what the game is. You’re not being a bully if you’re fighting and attacking in numbers…THAT’S THE GAME! If you want different game, go to the appropriate game mode.

I don’t see how this would benefit a PvP player . LOL. Well maybe a PvP player that should be playing on PvCe

You don’t see how a weapon being used against you being less powerful could possibly be beneficial to you?