PvE in Conan Exiles is currently amazing. PvP will be a threat to this


TL;DR - Unbalance is awesome for PvE.

Official PvE Servers are actually spot on awesome, which is a miracle in itself.
Everyone I know on my PvE server is having a blast, and we’re building public map rooms at all obilisks, and trading and what not.

People are progressing on their own pace. Some much faster, some are just building. Disputes are solved quickly through parlay and friendships are formed.

THIS is the golden age of Conan Exiles, because the game is a little bit unbalanced. In PvE, unbalance is AWESOME! Knowledge is shared because progress is actually conducive to poeple’s survival, as opposed to PvP.

I see the PvP crowd crying about how OP the silent legion armor is ,and how much HP vaults have.
Survival games have a NASTY habit of making PvE a subset of PvP. Changes are made for PvP that make absolutely no sense in PvE.

I know Funcom isn’t gonna make 2 different testing teams for 2 different versions of the game, ESPECIALLY if they leave the impression that all they do is out-source programmers for all things Conan.

The further concessions are made between PvE and PvP, the more different the games become…it becomes un-manageable.

Which is why I know the following is gonna happen:

  • Everything will be nerfed.

The game will come to a point where it’s no longer a survival game, but some form of eSport, where everything has been made so utterly fair, so utterly arbitrary, that you feel as though your compromising on EVERYTHING. End up carrying 3 suits and 3 different loadouts on you cuz non excels at anything and simply complements each other.

I can see myself wondering why vaults suddenly become so expensive, that it’s pointless in PvE.
I can see myself using Flawless Hyrkanian Raider Armor, cuz Silent Legion has been made inferior to it, thx to the PvP crowd. Now we can all go have PvP alpha tribes build a bloody wall around the elephant spawns. GG.

Before shouting for nerfs, think of the ramifications for ALL players, not just those your having a hard time killing.


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