Single Player balancing

Is the Single Player mode in Conan Exiles already balanced ? Because I read somewhere someone hitting a boss for like 15-20 minutes and it only reduced it to only 25% HP and he gave up.

Sure for the harvesting and leveling elements of the game, it all depends on our choice whether to want it fast or slower, but for things like a boss fight, cranking up our damage in server setting would also affect the damage on normal mobs.

I like the combat setting as it is, normal x1 without changing anything, even fighting a normal mob needs a bit of effort, has to know when to hit and when to dodge, after fighting a few mob of the same types I’ll know its behaviour. It’s very enjoyable and satisfying even after beating a normal mob, kinda like The Witcher 3 where we fight NOT by tanking hits from the mobs while micromanaging hp using pots, but more to dodging its attack by learning its behaviour and atk pattern.

I am about to try soloing a cave (Weaver’s Hollow), but I just watched a Youtube Video, someone went in there in a group of 3 people and still got wiped out so i don’t think I can solo the cave. Adjusting Combat Setting would make the fight outside isn’t enjoyable anymore, I’ve tried cranking my damage to 2x and damage reduction to 1/2, they all become too easy.

Also, a group of people even only 2 ppl has more advantages than what a solo player can do, when someone is being aggroed by a boss, he can just run around while the other hit the boss, or when fighting a bunch of mobs, they can share the number of mobs or one kiting and one hitting. That kind of Co-Op cannot be quantified in numbers like cranking up damage or reduce damage received.

Even if using mods for decreasing boss HP, there are still the spiderlings spawned near the spider boss. So how am I supposed to play the game in Single Player mode, the game has this mode, but seems like it hasn’t been tailored to Solo Play, or cmiiw.

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I think there’s a mod that will adjust boss HP and leave everything else alone.

But I do agree that it should be balanced better for single player. As it is, all bosses are easy to solo, they just have a lot of HP so it takes a long time and gets very boring.

The spider you mention is easy if you use a shield.

I have one mod that reduces boss HP installed and active, but it doesn’t seem to work. I encountered a big crocodile in a pond when on my way to Jamila ( at that moment I thought she was still theNPC for learning Mitra ) , but I couldn’t seem to deliver enough damage to have it killed, and when it hit me I lost like 50%+ HP, so I fled. I think I have damage multiplier set to 2x and 1/2 dmg reduction at that time, but still doesnt look like a fight I can win

Turns out the spider doesnt have any loot so I think I’ll skip it.

I hesitate to clear the cave after seeing this vid, they went in with 3 people in group. How am I to clear the boss solo lol.

The spider does have loot, you just have to harvest the corpse like any other non-humanoid creature.
(Only humans and some skeletons have loot in their inventories.)

It’s nothing great though. Mostly demon blood and regular spider junk, so no real reason to kill it unless you just want to.

The monster crocodile does have insane HP compared to every other boss in the game. It can easily kill fully grown dragons. (I kited some dragons to it from the Unnamed City.) So even with your mod you’ll need to drop boss HP to like 10% or less for that one to have a reasonable HP pool for singleplayer. It’s still killable solo with all vanilla settings though, it just takes a very long time. (I first killed it at level 12 with stone daggers, it was crazy. I don’t recommend it.)

Seems like it’s useless then, normal spiders are plenty enough to get spider stuffs. Demon blood can get it from dog-like creatures near that big croc iirc.

That’s why the devs should specificly adjust the balance for Single Player, but not even ESC pauses the game in SP, have to use a mod just for that. Which could also mean SP isn’t priority as of now.

Minus the Giant Spider (which is overtuned, even for Co-op/Online play, the Bosses aren’t that bad. You do need to be prepared with decent weaponry (as you obtaining the best weapons this way) and a armor and build to go with.

But 30 minutes to do 25% of the HP in damage is heavily exaggerated. We have many people on the server I play on that routinely kill bosses as they pop and they usually do so solo.

You need Hardened Steel, or better yet use Achereonian or Dragonbone. Heavy armor or at least Epic Light. And then some potions and elixirs.

What many fail to do is build their character correctly. Its not as simple as stack your favorite stat to 41, put on flawless armor that boosts it to 50 and fill in the rest. There’s way better builds out there. You want to factor in Warpaints and elixirs too. That allows you to put 27-60 points elsewhere.

Stacking bleeds and poison is an option since NPCs don’t mitigate those. Understand these stop ticking for damage when reapplied. So if you just plink with set arrows or continously heavy attack with daggers/spear/axe then the dot won’t tick. Apply the dot and switch to another damage type, and then refresh the stack every so often.

If that’s the case then I’m not ready to fight bosses yet, I’m new to the CE world and only been playing like 3 days. My current level is around 45 and my best metal is still at steel.

What cave/boss do you recommend to try the first time ?

As world bosses I’d recommend fighting any of the Giant Scorpions… they hit hard but are easy to dodge and they’re feasible to fight without taking any hits at all, so dodging is more important than tanking for them.

That was my first one and I fought him with a spear and sword and shield (shield to heal for when I f-up and got hit.) and by the end of the fight (the most intense 30mins of the game for me /sarcasm) I could already dodge all his moves and not be hit at all :stuck_out_tongue: I fought him first when I was L38, I think… and I still had steel weapons at that time… IIRC, or at most it was hardened steel.

Also, the White Leopards are on the easy side too… they also hit somewhat hard but have some tricky hitboxes on some attacks (by tricky, I really mean BS in a polite way :stuck_out_tongue: ) that could get you in trouble if caught on low health… better to fight them with a shield on hand, at least to be able to heal.

The giant croc is somewhat harder IMO, due to the way he moves… but he’s rendered trivial if you block with a shield… be prepared to have to repair mid fight, though.

Do not fight the Rhino boss… he’s a pain in all your body parts at the same time. Also, spiders are the worse of them all, due to the poison spit they have. Scorpion probably has poison too… but if you’re careful, you’ll never get hit by his stinger… that attack is way predictable and telegraphed.

W.r.t. caves… I do think the easiest of them all is The Dregs… which is balanced for around L30, I think?

Next, I’d suggest doing Deathwhisper Ruins and/or Executioner’s Entrance (they both reach the same “core” place.)

I’d suggest going North to do the caves there too… they seem to be tuned to L45 to L50, maybe? And also, you should look to start to get some star metal when you get there and make at least one weapon of your choice with it, until you can get better stuff.

Back to the south part, there’s the Tomb in the river, don’t recall the name now… Gallaman… Galamon… something Tomb. has a giant croc inside, similar to the one in the lake area, but he has somewhat less health from what I saw… or at least, it seemed that way the first time I fought him when I had no mods installed.

EDIT: Forgot to clarify… keep in mind that some caves only give story significant stuff and doesn’t give you Skeleton Keys for weapons… the only ones that give keys for sure are the surface bosses.

The only one I found that gives a skeleton key and you fight it inside something is the Giant Snake inside the Citadel of Triunvirate. Perhaps there are others too… I cannot say for sure that I have found ALL of them in my game already :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks a bunch for the list! That’s a lot of Point of Interests in the game. :smiley:

Btw is there any that gives Legendary equipment ? or good loot or chest ? I think I read somewhere bosses have RNG chest.

Nah… it’s the same for all of them… just find one you are comfortable fighting and then you can farm him for random weapons.

You just get a chance at a random legendary weapon each time you open the chest… the random part is which one you get, the weapon is guaranteed from the chest.

You have to harvest the boss normally, as you’d do for any enemy, and you get the key and open the chest… the chests are generally very near the boss, but not always… sometime you have to search a bit for them.

But you’ll only be able to open the chest when you’re at max level, that is L60… in the meantime, just stash the keys somewhere and when you reach max level go on a loot rampage :slight_smile:

As for the caves and such, they just sometimes have items that are story related… so if you’re interested in the story, pay attention to what you get and what the item’s description says.

If u are a set follower the locust queen is super easy, she’s just north of the black hand galleon. The stone rock ship. Wear heavy armour n u trounce her. White tiger to the west of her is not so difficult either but takes a while now they got hp buff

I don’t think it would be a bad idea to have a single player mode where some of the challenge levels are adjusted. For me though playing within a clan the pve aspect of the game is far too easy. I can think of only a handful of NPCs that offer any sort of challenge.

Ok thx, really useful tips and info there, would be very disappointed without knowing lv 60 is mandatory to open chest.

The thing is, I haven’t been able to find thick skin/leather for making hvy armor. I only know it drops from mammoth, or gorilla and others I forgot, but haven’t seen any of them. Sure I can google it but weird I am always occupied doing something else in the game.

Actually I made this thread because at that time I just watched a video about a group of 3 ppl getting wiped out by the spider boss in Weavers Hollow lol, then I think how am I supposed to solo it if THREE ppl got wiped out, turns out they’re most likely as clueless as i was. But the devs still need to tailor some stuffs like BOSS / WORLD BOSS HP so it’s soloable, without using mod.

Rhino’s were easiest targests i found, they drop thick hide n rhino hide that splits into 2 thick hide

yep, i agree with leeux,
scorpion boss is the less glitchy, easy enough and the most fun to deal with, but of course, as every boss in this game, it becomes boring when you start to get to the midlife point or so…too repetitive !
white tigger is one of the first you should start with imo and is not too glitchy either. As the scorpion he as a pretty low health pool and its attacks are not that dangerous.
then come the glitchiest one, the locust queen ! this one is also meant for your “starting bosses killing serie” as well, and is fun too if you handdle it without knowing how glitchy it can be, but once you know and use its glitchyness against it, it’s no fun at all anymore.
Don’t go for the wooden giant rocknose thingy too early though (the one near the barrow king for ex), this one was not a walk in the park imo :smiley:
And yes, as leeux told you, gallaman boss is a good idea to start with, since its hp pool is way down compared to the big croc from the oasis but it seems they share the same patterns and strengh, so it hits pretty hard, and the terrain is not very convenient to maneuver in that cave, still fairly doable at your lvl though i believe.
still have to take on the freakin creepy spider queen, so have no idea about that one yet, but will find out soon enough :smiley:
have fun !

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go for elephants in the savanah, they’re the more fun to fight (personal opinion), and you’ll get plenty of thick hides/elephant hides, which might comin handy later on :smiley:

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Yeah, agreed… though, the best givers of thick leather are the Elks in the north… the ones with big antlers that are hostile to you.

And bears, of course bears… they’re less plentiful though… but when you find them it’s always “surprise bear out of nowhere!” :smile: It’s like they’re all ninjas :smiley:

You actually don’t need any armor for that boss. She won’t even look at you as long as you hit her at least once after each of her attacks. You can easily kill her naked and without dodging or blocking.

All of the sand reapers have the same behavior, as do a few other creatures, like Elk Kings.

This one was the most glitchy boss for me. While fighting the tiger, it started levitating and rolling around in the air. I was even punching it in the face while it floated upside down for a long time… It was so warped that it could no longer hit me. It bugs out like that pretty much every time I fight it.

I fought this boss ‘after’ seeing patch notes saying these types of glitches were fixed.

Elephants are a good choice, but if you just stay behind them in melee range, they become incredibly easy. They won’t ever be able to hit you. That makes them a great source of hide and food. Mammoths are the same way.

Lol the devs should definitely fix that.