Suggestion: Boss health and damage slider option for servers

i play conan exiles (and i love it) both single player and online . in single player , the fights with bosses get boring , and since bosses don’t have different move sets from normal mobs , by the time we get to most of them we know how to deal with the ai . so the difficulity isn’t really that much different , only time consuming . i think adding boss health and boss damage sliders to the server options should not be that time consuming for funcom and would be a good option to include for everyone . that way people like me could lower their health while buffing their attacks so even one mistake would be deadly to make the fight more challenging while making it less time consuming instead of relying on mods (since some take time to update and some just don’t hit the balance we might want )

I also understand there is a enemy health and enemy damage slider , but i want them to be apart from boss mobs , when i want my bosses to have lower health and higher damage , doesn’t mean i want to change every mob the same . maybe i want mobs to have higher health and damage than avarage while lowering the bosses health , so i think they need to be separate.


I would love this. Sure I can try to capture thralls to help me in battle, but even fully geared, bosses are currently INSANE for single player games.

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I’ve liked this concept in general for awhile now and I share the belief that it should be handled at the core and not with a mod.


If love to see this also, and like its stated above, its easy enough to mod this in but I agree it should be an official client-side option.

I’d also like to see this option.


I agree this would be an awesome option…