World Bosses have WAY too much health

Orbs, sunder, bleed throw in a heavy attack rotation with a Greatsword occasionally… burn through HP in a decent amount of time.

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Explosive Jars don’t seem to do anything to the bosses right now. I thought of that. And tried it. And it doesn’t even phase them.


so far overtuned,

yes some bosses had to little others too much, now all have WAAAAY too much


You know what’s the most interesting thing about giving bosses +1 million hp and 50% chance of dropping no keys?

You can easily get dragonbone materials a lot faster from killing baby dragons in the unnamed city, craft the weapon you want, and it’ll actually be stronger than any legendary you could get.

But hey, more HP and RNG is what a lot of people said they wanted. So there you go, now legendary weapons are truly legendary.

I thought it was a good thing they were easy to get and gave level 60 players a quick way to “get back into the fight,” and was proud of them being implemented like that. But a lot of people weren’t happy about them being easy, so now they are tedious and take forever and serve almost no purpose.


While I’d like them easier again in general, like many here, I must say that I really liked seeing this aspect of it after you first mentioned it in another thread.

And coincidentally, I actually did just that with baby dragons, but it was unrelated to this and not by design. I just sort of “stumbled” into it.

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Hey there . i created the same topic a few days ago in suggestion forums . please go and support me there so itll get noticed


Very well. Sounds reasonable enough.

EDIT: Also, this concept is discussed in other threads as well, even before the million hp added to world bosses. You may want to skim around and add your voice in a couple of those as well. That is, if they’ve not gone stale.

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I like the new boss hp. Some are still easy to solo while others require a friend to help speed things along. This is a good balance imo as before they were too easy to farm solo.

This request is specifically for Single Player where there will not be any friends to speed things along. I expect most MP servers will not lower the boss HPs, so nothing will change for anyone who likes the new HP.


After reading this last night I went on a world boss rampage and I have to agree the HP increase creates tedium since the boss AI is very limited. I also agree that boss HP and Damage Sliders would be a very nice addition for player run servers…

Another discussion is giving all the bosses hyper armor which would make most if not all of them unsoloable. I am not a fan of making anything in the game Solo proof. All this will result in is people hanging bosses up on a rock and spend 5hrs plinking them with a bow…

I think the answer is to take their time and work the world boss AI to have a few more attacks and make those attacks less predictable. This will mean skilled, well prepared players can solo the bosses but everyone else will need to bring a friend or two.

HP increases always add tedium…There are ways to speed killing them up a bit but at the core its a short term and unappealing fix IMO.


800 snake arrows to take the tiger boss down 1/2 hp lol

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Yeah I would go with Medium armor and a Greatsword…Do a heavy rotation then dodge back keep your stamina at half or better and repeat until dead that works on Tiger and Bug (Not the Spider).

Bow took forever before the HP buff.

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Amen to that.
When a lvl 56 can’t even dent a boss Gators Tank that’s Bull Feathers.
Also we need a compass.
Agree with Lucascraft and others.
Thank You

I actually like that there is no compass. I think that Funcom did an excellent job with the world. It is relatively easy to navigate by land marks. It just takes time to explore and get familiar with the geographic features of the landscape.


I do not see nothing bad in adding a slider to control bosses HP. If there is a SP option, it means that the game should be playable totally in SP and not only in part.
It’s great the idea that a SP could adjust many parameters of the game to fit every preference. Most of those parameters can be set save bosses HP and this prevents to have a full SP experience.


Speaking Words of wisdom ,Let it be.Let it be.
Good job all.
Thanks All

Hey Tika That’s what I do .
If you are going south pull up map then you see something east look at map again you still face south.
That’s alll I wanted to state now with compass you don’t need to open just run in that direction,I know its Chicken S##t just used to compass.
Again thanks Tika

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I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “Chicken -Expletive Deleted- (Excrement Deleted?)”. I think it is more a bit of shock to the system for those used to a compass and/or minimap while playing certain other games. When I started, I wanted the ability to toggle a minimap. However, now, I rather love the “simple elegance” of the UI and fully enjoy the ease with which the world can be visually navigated.

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I believe that I’ve read every post and this was not mentioned.

As a possible temporary workaround, when deciding to hunt world bosses in a local game, one might consider testing some changes in the serversettings.ini file or on the fly with console commands and see how that affects the fights.

Something like:

SetServerSetting NPCHealthMultiplier .8

(and lower as needed)

Of course, you’d want to change it back before returning to your normal routine as all the regular mobs would simply fall to a steaming pile of goo at the mere sight of you.

Yup. It takes ages to kill a stupid scorpion king. It’s sooo boooring!!! :stuck_out_tongue: