Single Player Offline Game Mode

I do realize that there is a need to keep developing the game. I have been playing Conan for quite a while now (Single Player Offline), The latest update was riddled with all sorts of bugs (Understandably), however, the most frustrating element of the update was that melee and ranged attack were messsed with. As you know, there are several server options to increase/decrease difficulty, so I don’t understand why in single player mode I now have to play a tank role. Should the decision to play in a specific role be left upto the player or not? Is there no way of adjusting the type of role play depending on what server or game mode for online/offline? If there is a way, please incorporate it into the game so that more people can enjoy the experience.

You can lower Damage done to player (same panel you increase damage for yourself, and damage to things you hit)

I’ve been rocking 2.0 Player damage, do to bows being… worthelss otherwise. I havnt touched Player taken Damage… Sadly, since they broke sliders several patches back. You could knock it down to 0.5 or 0.1, (then knock it up, to 0.6) if you feel your taking to much even in Higher end gear.

Yes, the console does have the increase/decrease damage as well, but that is not what I’m getting at. I play with all settings at 1. I wear light legendary armor so that I do not get over encumbered. I play to relax. You can now only take 1 shot at an enemy before having to switch to a sword/shield, as there is a radial menu and not a hot bar, enemies can hit you 3 times while you’re changing. If you get out attack area, enemy resets. The arena champion with 3 hits is death. At the moment thralls are a hindrance. So I ask, why should I have to play as a tank in single player offline mode. To adjust the settings for harder enemies seems like cheating to me.

Part of issue, is the game has no separation for SP and MP. Alot of setting are for MP, and Not SP. MP >SP will almost always win. (itlest intill they find a way to make SP setting there own thing, so World Bosses arent as crazy etc)

I wouldnt call it cheating if you nudge them. (thou as I said, slider are abit wonky…its hard to really settle on a good setting) I’ve gone thru several of Bosses, Not to much issue.
I wear light armor as well. (with 2 med mixed in) for basically fashion and weight limits. XD

My Stamina is tweaked to 0.5 drain. (its pet peeve of mine that a unfit person could out run my fit character in games) so maybe My ability to roll more often, counters that harder hitting bosses.

For most areas, I do use melee, however, world bosses such as the single black spider in the center of the map; the arena champion and the final boss in the warmakers chamber are easier if you are not the one taking agro. Sorry for saying this, but, it seems like we are being dictated into playing a specific way. I don’t blame the developers for this, I blame those that exploit games. Soooo many games have been destroyed by cheaters.

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