Fixing Single Player

  1. Multiple Characters for single player
  2. Cloud saves for single player
  3. A true offline mode that doesn’t need internet to work
  4. Boss enemy balancing

As of right now, playing single player feels lazy and tacked on. Adding in these features would make it feel like a complete feature of the game. I shouldn’t have to overwrite or modify save files to get a new single player character, I also shouldn’t need to be connected to the internet for single player. I’m just rather disappointed that even though the game has been out of early access and has been out for a long time, single player has still been completely ignored and there is talk of the company moving on to another game…


Offline the use of more than 1 thrall. Would definitely like that.

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How about merchants with actual inventories? And thrall merchants who stock stuff?


Offline mode could also use more NPCs that actually want to talk, I would mind having the merchants actually like small camps as well and maybe have that camp rotate based on a non-buildable area already ingame allows for the concept of them actually moving in the world. Rather than being static.


Could also use randomized attacks both at base when. Not there and when there and when out in the wild. Bandits could steal stuff at random when not there makes defending the base more interesting and when out and about being ambushed by enemies while mining or nearly dead after a long fought battle makes it seem like they were lurking and waiting to plunder your hard earned gains. Rather fun if you ask me.

I have both asked for and inquired about if we could possibly have multiple characters/save files in the past, and is a feature I would like to see. I am guessing that you are a PC player Praetor_Invicta? Because just for the record on consoles we do have a true offline mode thst doesnt need the internet to work. Put it this way, I am a purely Offline Singleplayer, and I have never yet played this game online going back to ps4 lauch day.


He means if you aren’t connected to the internet entirely you can’t play. This is actually pretty common along the lines of all PS4 games as well. Try playing offline while not connected to the PSN network if you can still play then it’s a truly offline game as well. But most games that are developed around the online mode usually doesn’t work when no network or PSN or Live connection requirement being that you are connected to the aforementioned services.

Horrible concept to disable all functionality when no external services aren’t available. It’s why I am happy to have a generator, because sometimes my internet still works when power goes out.

He’s also entirely wrong if that is what he means.

You do not need the internet connected to your PS4 in any way shape or form in order to play Conan Exiles. The only way you need internet is if you choose to play online with other people.

Also, some of the requests seem a little ■■■-backward.

You want a fully offline gameplay, but you also want to be able to backup that gameplay online. Not exactly what I’d call fully offline.

As for the multiple characters, it’s something I want. Right now the closest you get on PS4 is just to make multiple profiles and one character on each. I doubt they have the capability for this to be like Terraria, in which you can have one game world and load in different characters when you want.

As far as I can tell, saves contain these files on the PS4 right now:

gamedbandfriends0 – the main file that contains all your buildings and whatnot
gamedbandfriends0.bin – small file that points to stuff in the above file probably
GameIniSettings – suppose this is the offline server settings and the like

It seems to me, you could make this a multiple character game by doing the following.

  1. Put in a Change Save Slot option at the main menu. With 3-5 slots.
  2. Depending on the slot, alter a number at the end of the base files, so while you are in that slot, they save to that number and not the others.

Example, I want two characters. My save folder would now look like this:

all of these represent the first character

all of these represent the second character

As long as you put the flag in so that when you use change slot, it adjusts the number the game searches for when saving files.

0 - character 1
1 - character 2
2 - character 3
3 - character 4
4 - character 5

Tack that onto the end of the files, and while using the save slot, only those four files will be read and utilized by the game.

It doesn’t seem like it’d be that huge of a deal to implement, but I don’t know the technical side of things. Still, in theory, I believe this is how it would work.

I suppose it’s entirely possible to also do a one world option as well.

Separate out the character data from gamedbandfriends#, have a new file, exile# to represent that. It would need to include all skills/feats/point allocation, any inventory currently carried at time of save, everything specific to the character.

Then leave gamedbandfriends to hold all of the buildings placed in the game world. With appropriate ownership to whichever exile# placed them.

While you could then swap between characters, it would simulate an online session more, because you are logging all characters into a world that shares the same gamedb file. So any buildings you place on character one, are going to be present on character two.

If you use character two to attack and damage buildings owned by character one, this would be reflected when you load back in to character one.

So this method would entail the save structure looking like this:


In theory, I again think this is how it’d work, in practice or actually writing it is another matter.

You could also probably stick in a switch that could only be altered at the very start, and changing it would force you to lose all your progress.

Essentially: Save Method -> 1 or 2

The first method would be the previous one I listed. Each character has their own independent game world to play in, you cannot mix between them.

The second method would be the one just listed, one game world, and each of your characters would share it.

Set that before you create your first character, and it locks in a file and will not be altered, if you do, you lose it all, to prevent stuff from ■■■■■■■■ up.

Ya, been on PC since 2012 when xbox started throwing advertisements on their dashboard. Wasn’t sure about PC gaming at first, but quickly realized why PC gamers love it so much… its a whole new level of quality in gaming… I joined the cult and drank the fruit punch… the whole bowl… No regrets.

I am talking about a “true offline”. As of right now, if I put steam in offline mode and cut my wifi I cannot play single player. This is more of an issue for people living in rural areas with unstable wifi. I used to live in a mountain town, so its very discomforting to know that wifi will always be required in order to play a game…

Mods can obviously fix this, but it seems like something that the company can do itself with a relatively easy tweak to the game.

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Explain to me how this game would be different with more save files offline? This isn’t Elderscrolls, I’m not apposed to the idea but the way the game is played offline is vastly different from online as online not every world is the same offline every world is the same in my case I am the sole human existence on the game.

There isn’t magic like elderscrolls there isn’t a weapon spec skill tree that would make multiple characters more logical, unlike elderscrolls they allow for resetting skill trees. I don’t know if everyone else plays the game offline then same as online. I mean I see offline being a fun purge thing but I mostly use admin controls and test around the game building and having funny battles between bosses which allowed me to find 2 game breaking bugs it was hilarious! But all in all I don’t understand and would like to hear your view on it.

I had a feeling it was because it happened with several of my PS4 Games all physical copies but the offline mode wasn’t available due to not being signed in to PSN. Honestly which should be legally unacceptable to sell a product like that. But this is usually very consistent with games devoted to online play over mostly offline play.

You could have an account set as the admin just to adjust the server settings, and you could have an another separate file just for playing, which was locked out of god mode and admin teleports. Your thralls and such could continue to be broken while you were playing on another character, since they don’t when you log off in single player. You could have different characters with different builds living in different environments and so on.

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Okay I see the RP aspect of this and now trying to raid a base already built by me to see how it would hold up. You have persuaded me.

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I don’t know how save files work for the online. It could be exactly the same. This isn’t about making save files offline.

It’s about more characters. Sometimes you want to start over to play around in the lower levels, but not be forced to erase your high level character.

And in online, you can have multiple characters be in the same clan with friends. So you can spec one to be a craftsman and leave them that way, while your others are more fully spec’d to go out and kill stuff.

This would be very helpful to smaller clans with fewer friends in them, as they wouldn’t need to constantly respec to change their builds for doing different things.

Aria is right, if the second option I listed were made available. You could have multiple characters. One could be used strictly for Admin powers, while any others would not have access to them.


I made a topic on a offline mode with the hopes some one from FC would answer, and alas they didn’t. I’m guessing that they do not have any plans for a offline mode or have no interest whatsoever in implementing it.

Seeing how still unstable and broken many of the features in the game are i lost 95% of hope. The remaining 5% are me visiting the forum now and then, to see if there are any changes or fixes, but all i find is the frustration of my fellow gamers.

Crysis, you summed it up perfectly. Multiple characters in the same game world to handle different tasks, play different roles, test risky things, and re-level for fun without erasing the progress of my main is why this feature is so important to some people.

In addition, once the online community dies and there is only a single player mode, I wish for it to be fully playable and stable 20 years from now if I wish to play an old favorite game of mine for nostalgia’s sake.

Solarius, I doubt they care or even look at these complaints. These fourms are mostly here for people to vent or nerd out over different topics. They are practically done with development of new ideas in conan exiles at this point. I’m just hoping to win the lottery here and have a voice heard, though it would probably make more sense to scream at a brick wall… but it makes me feel better knowing that there is some “chance” that at least a community manager would even entertain the thought of my issue.

@Praetor_Invicta if you’re on PC, you can do “multiple characters in one game” or “multiple savegames” with my toolbox:

Though why such an easy feature never made it into the game itself I’ll never know.

What platform are you on?

Because I’m on PS4, and the game is playable offline. I’ve never been on an official server or private one, and don’t intend to. I’ve never had any problems playing Exiles offline.