We need the option to create multiple Toons in Conan Exiles

Some players are wondering why? PVP servers multiple Toons are account bound. Meaning you join a server join a clan and your Toon can be switch out for another Toon and still be a part of that clan.

In pVE multiple Toons are used as switching characters and a loyal npc ally. 1 per player. Same clan rules apply as pvp clan. You stay in the clan if you choose to switch out for another Toon.

Now onto the reason I want multiple Toons. I want NPC allies. Offline single player is boring. Thralls don’t move. Dancers only dance. Crafting thralls are so boring. There no thrall whom poses for you with emotes. I want many toons about 30 for Offline single player mode. You should be able to switch tooon any time. Toons not under your control can’t build. You should be able to create multiple Toons. Toons will kill stuff. Toons can respawn like the play.Toons have stats like players. Toons are heavy customized like the player. Thralls and pets have higher hp than the player. Toons are basically another player. Toons can be given orders.

I see multiple toons for Offline single player mode as a start and environment control settlement system. Toons can be given tasks like mini jobs. As for role players like me multiple Toons Offline adds to my replaying experience and enjoyment.


I was hoping to get feed back on this.

I do like some of the ideas. Maybe it’s me, but perhaps you could try if you could articulate in a cleaner manner? I think I might be able to follow your thought patterns easier this way. :slightly_smiling_face:


It would definitely be nice to have access to more than one player character save. There is no need for it, though, but it would be a nice addition at some point.

I’d definitely like to be able to have multiple characters on the same account for RP purposes, or even to transfer gear / clan-ownership to if I want to “finish” the game. As is, I had to buy a second copy to run on a separate PC to do this.

As for having my alternate characters act like thralls when I’m not logged in? I’m not sure how I feel about that…

On the one hand, it would be kinda cool to see my other characters milling about in-base, sitting on a throne, doing a dance, or even following me into combat like my “■■■■” in Dragon’s Dogma. For RP servers, it would definitely be a huge boon, especially if we could switch characters quickly without having to exit and rejoin the server.

On the other hand, this could be used as a way to effectively get many “free” thralls, or make sure that a single solo player on a public server can make every single one of their outposts at all times.

Now granted, since player characters have only a fraction of the HP thralls do (seemingly to make-up for lackluster AI), it could be a tremendous liability attempting to employee an alt as a thrall unless they receive a substantial HP multiplier when being set to guard or follow. In terms of using such a mechanic to cheese out free thralls, if the alt characters have their thrall tier set by level (for ex. lvl 1-20 = T1, 21-40 = T2, 41-59 = T3, 60 = T4), then it would probably remain faster and more efficient to simply KO NPCs in the traditional way rather than trying to power-level multiple player characters.

The main difference, though, would be that as player-characters these alt characters could not only be customized, but would not be permanently lost when killed. Perhaps that’s an acceptable trade-off though. I mean, if clan sizes remain locked at 10 characters, the clan with 10 actual players will still have a massive advantage (in terms of action economy) over a 1-man clan populated by alt accounts.

As a PvE player, I’d say the rewards outweigh the risks, but I’d be interested to see what insights seasoned PvPers can provide. I’m sure there are loopholes and potential exploits I’m overlooking.

EDIT: @Ignasi Why in the world did the word P. A. W. N. get censored?! It’s a Chess piece! :confused:

You create many toons. Emotes and recipes carry over to toons as long as they are all on the same server. If your lv 50 then the new toon you create is lv 1. In PVP switching toons forces you to level up that lv 1 toon.

In PVE you create many toons. You can bring 2 Toons with you. The one you play as. The other is control by the A.I., you can give the other toon commands.

In offline single player you create many toons. All the toons can join you. I want offline single play mode a testing ground for the settlement system. The many toons offers a control environment.

You control 1 toon at a time but you can switch to a toon any time.

Offline single player mode boring.

Thanks :+1:t2:

Discourse works in mysterious ways.

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Fair enough, but can ya fix it? :sweat_smile:

Offline mode is so boring.

I discovered this myself just recently, when explaining the story to another member. Another word I tend to use a lot is censored here too. ■■■■■■. For those trying to work it out, take the word ‘burger’, but simply replace the r with another g. In my country this is no more a swear word than darn, drat, sod or blighter.

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I think because in some places, the word bu**er is used to describe a sexual act. Sometimes the censorship is just silly.

It is!?!? Thats definately news to me, interesting. Definately not the meaning or context for it where Im from. It generally substitutes one of the aforementioned words.

Yep, it’s a British vulgarity. Just Google meaning of with it and it’ll pop right up.

So I imagine that’s why it got censored.

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Can we keep on topic.

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We can’t. I want to add that idea to this game.

Technically, you can have more than one if they are on different servers.

It would be nice to have an admin and a non-admin account in single player as well through.

Fable, You are right.

I want this idea so badly. It would offer role playing in offline single player possible.

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