We need the option to create multiple Toons in Conan Exiles

After this past weekend, I even more strongly believe that multiple characters need to be supported in the core game.


So I own 2 copies of the game, and typically run each copy on the two gaming PCs in my house, swapping between characters using a remote gaming app (Parsec). The reason for this is one character has all my public infrastructure and bases, while the other has only a single base so as to get specific purges.

Well, having found out about Family Share, I decided I wanted to try a level 1 to 60 speed run when being able to benefit from an existing character’s wealth. So I created a 3rd Steam account, set both my other Steam accounts to allow Family Sharing with the new one, and figured I’d be good to go.


It took at least an hour of trying different combinations of which account could share with the new one on which computer, etc. before I could get both my original and new accounts to launch at the same time, and another hour of kicking BattlEye in the pants to get it to cooperate — and I work as a freakin’ sys admin for a living! I can only imagine how frustrating this would be for someone of only average technical aptitude!

So yeah, in the interest of enabling creative roleplaying or other experiences, there really ought to be an easier way to accomplish this. I don’t know if it’s this much of a hassle on the consoles, but creating additional Steam accounts, wrestling with Family Share and BattlEye, and then having to re-friend everyone on your new account is a migraine waiting to happen. I have nothing but respect for the RPers and server admins who have suffered these hurdles largely in silence!

I like this idea too.

Like someone else pointed out, it has other uses than just single player. All those admins of servers that create admin buildings, like map rooms, markets, and small towns, but also like to play as a normal player could use this. One character as admin, a second character not admin. The main reason you need the 2nd character is that a purge will target admin built buildings if that player is also playing and the purge level gets high enough. I have a private server that I rent, and would love to have a 2nd toon for just the admin built stuff.

The biggest problem I see with this feature, is that it would not be implemented as single player only. Many private servers have just 10 slots. If the 2nd or 3rd toon of a player is left in game, seems like this would take up a server slot. A server could quickly run out of slots if a single player had a lot of toons. I’ve seen this problem on other games that allow alts.

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The servers where I’ve seen this be a problem did not have a way to detect unique players. Some would have a rule of a max of one or two alts. In the one game, Wurm Unlimited, much of the game was simply pressing the same key over and over. So players would have multiple keyboards and maybe even macros so they could farm away with multiple alts. These alts really did use up resources like any player, so definitely should count as one player slot.

I think what is being proposed here, is that the player is more like a NPC than an actual player, so possibly the game could take that into account and not have them occupy a player slot.

My idea is focus on making alot of toons.

PVP players already complains about thralls. That why you don’t add another Toon to your party. 1 is you forever on PVP.

PVE complains about thralls whom are left to riot. That why it’s 2 toon party. You and your A.I. ally. A toon whom isn’t your Main toon can never build. Your main toon or character you play as.

Offline single player isn’t effected by the PVP or PVE thrall problems. It is just you vs the world. And that a sad world. I want many toons. The reason you can have max of 50 toons in Offline mode is for two reasons. Toons are weaker than thralls. There is no other players. All your toons can follow your main toon you are playing as. Toons auto eat cook food at 50% of hunger.

Let me give a sample of my idea for offline single player multi toons. I would used all 50 slots.

Here a few of them.

Rose Bloodbone and Dash Bloodbone cooks the food.

Bryan Skull main toon sorcerer (Waiting on sorcery) sits on throne.

Izzy Dragonskull and Faye Dragonskull sits in chairs to look like they are speaking to each other.

Raven Silverheart wakes up and goes gaurds the thrall pits.

Abby Silverheart stands gaurd near Bryan Skull. Abby is a bow user. Abby also the beast master.

Rex,Vex,Tex,Hex and Lex are quintuplets and they hunt down animals for meats and etc. The brothers also chops down trees for lumber. They also mine iron ore. Thier last name is Shadowlock. The 5 brothers are my in lore loyal spies and assassins. The brothers use the dual daggers and medium armor. Reason medium armor? The brothers act as my personal gaurds when all thralls are dead. Medium armor faster than heavy.

Ace Goldskull is my bodyguard. Ace is a heavy Armorer warrior. Where ever Bryan Skull is Ace is there.

Ash Goldskull is Ace’s brother. Ash is a weapon smith. He makes and repairs all the weapons.

Oak Bloodbone is Rosa’s brother. He an armor smith. He makes and repairs all the armor.

Ash and Oak gaurds the crafting thralls. That thier second role.

1 is the loneliness number you will ever be.

Bryan Skull wants to create 50 toons, so the game in offline single player mode feels alive.

I can’t have many players because sony copy xbox gold on charging Internet on games.

I don’t understand your logic of many toons in single player offline mode. The max hp a toon can have without buffs is 600 with 50 points in Vitality. Like a player toons have stats points same as the player. Toons also have feat points. So if one toon focus on all armors, then another can be focus on all weapons. Toons can’t maker flawless gear. Just like the player toon. Toons relay on levels not Tiers. Because each toon is a created character. Your created character or also known as toon isn’t stronger than in hp than thralls. I consider toons like A.i. Players. Your main Toon (The toon you control) builds.

Toons are just another you created. When you join a server you create your character. THat is what a toon is. You respawn. Well toons can respawn because they are your created characters.

It’s been a while since I posted in this thread, but I think someone mentioned having a player’s alt characters (I hate the term “toons”) remain in the world as thralls when they were not the actively controlled character.

My point was, I think that’s kind of dangerous since player characters have (as you note) so few HP. My suggestion (for if this was done) is that alt characters should get their HP multiplied to be comparable to those of fighter thralls when they’re in AI mode. Otherwise, with only 600 or fewer HP, it would be too easy for them to die and you’d pretty much have to leave them in base, and probably without gear too lest even a lowly wolf kill them while the player is distracted with something else.

Alt Characters can’t be with you in PVP. 1 for PVE.

Alt Characters can respawn when they die. Thralls can’t respawn on death.

Unlike thralls and pets you can have as many alt characters following you in offline single player mode.

Alt characters can be set to harvest resources. Alt Characters to me are pllayers. Minus the building bases and placing things in a base.

You can switch which alt character is your main (the one you play as).

This idea offers funcom a mini settlement system. This is a test zone for offline single player.

Yeah for PvP it would be easy to cheese having 1 with a 50 Enc build and another with a fighting build, and since they are player characters, you don’t have to worry about them dying since they respawn. So I agree it should be turned off for PvP Officials. For private servers, the admin could turn it on or off and also set how many alts any player can have. This would be a huge benefit for RP servers, and also for single players wanting to have a settlement.

As for the harvesting mechanics, I would love that, but I doubt the devs would do such a thing since it would decrease the amount of time the player has to spending grinding, and they seem to have a vested interest in people playing as much as possible. I have seen mods for that though, I think.

PVE players only get 1.

PVP you can change which CaC or also known as Toon you play as. It’s account base.

Offline Single player it is 50 max.

Offline Single player can use admin commands.

Each toon/CaC/Alt requires food and water.

Rex,Hex,Vex,Tex and Lex aren’t worker builds. They are assassins/Animal harvester/lumberjack /miners/scouts. Thier build is 30 Str/Vit/Enc, 22 to Grit and 10 to Survival. The 5 Brothers work together. You realize an Army as big as 50 players requires alot of food and water. Cooks need meat. You need to repair gear. Lumber is needed.

It’s so lonely in offline single player mode.

Thralls just boring. The only alive thralls are dancers.

I was hoping for this idea so us offline single player aren’t given the middle finger. So far offline single player mode is a big pile of blank. Look the game not a big pile of blank. Offline single player mode is boring. It’s so dull. There is no life to it. Having many toons in offline single player mode offers fun in the game for offline single player mode. I hate sony’s plus rule. How about it funcom allow me to make some toon friends. No one deserves to be lonely in a video game.

50 is for offline single player mode. Co-Op and solo are still online. The 50 for offline single player mode.

In PVP you just change characters. Basically what you do by joining a new server.

Go play offline single player mode then player any online mode. There a big difference.

Just picture sims and civilization bended in a controlled environment. This would be a start to a settlement system.

The downside to 50 toons with respawn is thier low health pool,need to eat and drink.

You see A.I. I see a players that are offline.

My thralls don’t auto cook,harvest resources or auto fix tools and weapons.

There a reason online PVE gets 1 extra help. Players online. Offline single player mode has a handicap. I lack players.

A.I. can’t match the role playing of players.

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