Being able to create many Characters on servers

For PVP you create your characters and switch to the one you want to use.

On Clans it’s account base and not character base for balance reasons. A

ll Characters share xp. Meaning all of them are your same level. However deleting a character removes 10 levels per character deleted.

For PVE online it’s the same.

For offline each character you make will join your game. They don’t share xp. Each 1 levels up as if they were a players. They auto join your clan once made.

Offline doesn’t have access to other players. The characters you make for offline can be set to do task. Up to 30 can be made. They hunt when hungery and respawn next to your bed when they die.

They can given task to do. You can switch characters in offline mode at any time. They are your exiles.

Whats the Point of that?

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Having multiple toons makes no sense at all in a game where we can just respec this swiftly. This is not Life is feudal or similar games, where you need minimum 8 players (or toons) to be able to craft and do everything.

Instead of a system with multiple toons per server, I would suggest “crafting” thralls. In any way. Having a new thralltype called breeder or if you can just do some dark magic to create a thrall which will always be loyal to you. With stats and perks and with the same creation like at character creation.
Limit that to one per player.

But multiple toons? No.

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Roleplaying for one.

Separate builds for another.

Multi Toons for offline mode.

Remember it 1 toon per online. You just get to pick the toon you want to play as.

So what is it now?
Multiple toons per server or not? Multiple toons on whole account and choosing one of these toons on each server instead of creating new ones? What do you mean?
You should start writing stuff in a clear way if you want people to communicate in a constructive way with you.

If I understood correctly, you would like to create toons which are stored in the account instead of one in sp, and on each server another new toon?
But then you want a completely else mechanic with toons.
I dont know if what you are asking for is technically possible at all with this engine?
I highly doubt it.

Do you even get how that would probably take a year to do? To do something not everyone will be happy with?
And for what reason? RP? Thats all?
Cant your friends do RP with you? :thinking: No Nuria, you’re going to behave.
Or is it because sp seems too lonely?

Or is it because you are simply too lazy to level up on each new server?
(You know, with all toons sharing their EXP.)

Maybe you should simply write in your native language. Maybe then your suggestions start to make sense.

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Little harsh but I agree it’s gone back and forth. The whole thing sounds like you can switch between them regardless of server.

I could say PVP players are too lazy to relevel in a server wipe. And that why the forums PVP players don’t want a server wipe.

It is clear.

So listen up.

Able to make many Toons as you players call it. Normally it call CaC. Create a Character if you’re confused.

Online- 1 toon at any given time can be used.

Offline- All created toons joins your tribe.

The reason all online toons share xp is to not weaken the tribe.

Online- players you play with.

PVE- Player vs Environment. Most of time no PVP. Or zero PVP.

PVP- Player vs Player.

My idea would take less than 1 month to do.

30 the max.

Make as many or as little as you want.

Co-Op is online.

Welcome to world of Conan pick your character I play PvP and a regular wipe doesn’t bother me one bit. However this toon thing sounds far-fetched it more or less sound like you don’t want to put in the work to play in other modes. Sprinkle play across a few modes and now you can just jump back into PvP with a 60 or which ever mode you so choose. I don’t mind making a tribe with your own characters but keep the toons separate exp. You should have to work on your characters not just one. Once you hit 60 any toon you create would be 60 and thus defeating all of the grind.

Clearly you don’t understand.

Online not a tribe you make.

Online = Character selection.

Let’s put it a way you can understand.

Many games allow you to have many CaC or toons.

You aren’t server hopping.

A CaC in server A can’t be in server B.

So if you make many CaC in server A they can’t transfer to server B.

XP shared is Server Base. Mean Bob from Server A xp isn’t shared with Larry in server B.

Sally in server A same Server as Bob in Server A.

I’m talking about XP shared and Multi characters on same server.

Ok, now explain me when I said anything against a full wipe?
Actually who knows… that might fix a few bugs.

Also toon means character, yes. But characters being called cacs is a new one for me. Makes no sense. A character is a character. Creating a character is nothing but the act of creating the character, maybe that is why that “name” confuses me. :crazy_face:

But I will play along:
Could you do an image with how you think of that new system?
Like that:

This is what I understood of your hazy presentation:
Up to 30 characters will be created on steam account, not on servers.

(I see no other way than that. Having servers download the characters from each players machine would be a bad idea. Hopefully it’s obvious why. …:see_no_evil:)

The most basic issue is how the whole system is built around a single character. You can delete it and everything gets lost and you may start anew.
Each server has its own world, it’s own database.
Those servers wont ask for information on other servers, that is one reason why setting up a server is that easy. The sole information how we are tracked is the “account” we log in on servers which is the steam id. (Might have tried to explain in a wrong way though.)
But the actual toons are saved on those particular servers or solo worlds. Nowhere else.

So instead of having the servers save the toons, you would want the toons to be safed in your steam id, correct?
And if its about toons being saved in the steam id, what about their inventories?

Going further from inventories:
What about bases? Are those saved in steam id as well?
Will those 30 toons be linked to those specific servers, not to be used anywhere but on those servers and on singleplayer? (How to force this to be true?)
Also will those character stay in the world like they currently do? Because then - if saved on steam id - they cannot be aviable for singleplayer anymore - for obvious reasons.

If anything - using copies of existing characters of the steam id from all different servers in singleplayer is the only thing which might be okay.
But that would be required to be one way only.
Let players copy their online characters to their singleplayer save but nothing else - which then defeats your whole suggestion.

Even then there are questions remaining:
How to switch from character 4 to character 27?
Why is EXP and thus level shared?
Why is deleting a toon causing all of them loosing 10 levels?
What happens on creation of character 29 if the account is already lvl 60? Will the new one be 60 as well?

I highly doubt anyone could do this in a single month.

(Aside of the act of saving the character from other servers on the local machine of the player if that would be allowed. (Not going to be a thing for official I think. Risk for that going both ways would be too high I guess.))

Maybe you finally get why I said you need to be more clear with your questions and suggestions.
You need to think and tell about everything as detailed as possible.
However, you only state requirements. Like spouting an order without having a clue how the devs would be supposed to deliver that. And then getting angry because it didnt fit your idea?

Just like with that base-location-question of yours, where you asked other people for a location which meets certain requirements, and wrote it so badly, that everyone misunderstood it.

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No reason to be rude and why can’t you just type it out instead of such short chopped up lines. It makes it hard to follow and too broad to make much sense.

I see what your saying, now, but are you really that lazy you can’t just make and use a yellow lotus potion? If want to use toons to quick switch stats and feat points why not just ask for a way to save preset builds. It is by far easier and not so round about as you are trying to describe.

Holy crap thank you! @Bryan_Skull that is how you present an argument (discussion) with equal facts and questions.

Thanks but that was too soon. Obviously I misunderstood his suggestion.

Nice suggestion. I have no use for it (you mentioned yellow lotus yourself).
However he did mention RP.
Unfortunately that might be a reason why the discussion of multiple characters per server would make sense. Though it makes absolutely 0 sense for me…
You know, with playing a character I already created myself… why would I need another one?

It’s not like we can breed our own thralls… :thinking: :smiling_imp: @Jens_Erik ??? :joy:

No I am not seriously asking for that. Since I already did once but with breeder thralls…

And “Bryan_Skull”:
Just stop calling the act of creating a character a character. Makes no sense. There are a ton of frequently used names. “Character” is the most common. Toon is one I know from english conversations, “avatar” from my native language. But “Creating a Character”? Thats an act, not an object.

This is why I am telling you to be clear on your suggestions. Yet again another misunderstood suggestion.

But then I am even more confused why anyone would like to do that?
You want clans to be multiple “families” with each of those families being a single player to be in a clan together?

So there wont be a base for each character.
There will be the same EXP for each character.
Deleting a character later will reduce your level by 10.

As for singleplayer I can understand a need to have your own characters help with grinding the materials.
Did you see how long it took Funcom to “fix” AI?
(Good job on that one. Only pve+pve-c seem to be having problems now. Oh, and old thralls. Like 1-3 months old thralls.)

And then “in a month”?
Are you serious? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I mean that part would be cool. Having thralls help the player in singleplayer. (As some people dont want the option to change the serversettings of the solo world.)

I think pictures done with paint might really help people to understand your suggestions better.

It’s the choppy delivery of information he gives. There’s another player on the forum that spells words the way one sounds them out for the first time. It’s so hard to follow and read.

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All of this is completely unnecessary as you can easily respec on the fly.

Unless you want yourself as one character and then your other 29 characters to also be in the world at the same time doing various other tasks.

Which good luck with that plan. AI pathing is buggy as all get out. Thralls we have now half the time won’t fight anything.

We already have thralls who can man all the crafting stations, so your plan isn’t needed for smelting, tanning, smithing, cooking. We already have thralls who can stand guard and “fight” sometimes.

So what do you want these 29 other characters to do? Set them to gather wood? Set them to gather iron? The game would then have to be programmed to path them properly and then to actually gather the resources. Then, since this game only has enemy creatures and NPCs do anything when you instance them, can enemy AI attack your gatherers? Then they’d have to be programmed to drop off these resources somewhere or do they just keep carrying that resource until they run out of slots and then return home?

In conclusion, this like all of your other ideas is absolutely pointless, serves no purpose and would waste development time on things that actually matter.

Clearly English isn’t your native language.

25 Years of gaming and it’s NEVER been called CaC…
Toon, Character, Avatar, Char
In MMO’s it’s common to hear Main or Alt as well.

Secondly many games? If we rule out MMO’s than what? Heck I’m leaving in RPGs cause most modern RPGs tend to have a single character file or a non friendly system for multiple charcters (Skyrim for instance no native support for multiple Chars) So many games? No, more like “no” games cause it’s unnecessary.

If we narrow it down even further to purely Survivalish games… Scum? No, Escape from Tarkov? No, Minecraft? No, ARK? No, Rust? Not that I know. Could probably go on but what’s the point?

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You’re close but no cigar.

Each server is separate.

Each server has 30 characters slots.

If I Create Bob in server A. I have to recreate Bob in server B.

If I create 29 Characters in server A. I would still have 30 Characters slots in server B.

Server A Characters share xp with each other only.

At least use the last answer where I corrected myself after having read another answer of you which came later.
Is the following more like it?

I still dont like that idea for online, but I would like to see something similar to that in singleplayer. Like creating 1-3 thralls ourselves which then can go outside and gather stuff. But then there are new issues, as SirMang already pointed out.