Multiple Save Files?

I honestly cant say I know how difficult this feature would be to implement, but I will ask it anyway. As the title would suggest, I am wondering if it would be possible to add a system allowing for multiple save files. Even just a small number such as 2 manual files in addition to the existing auto-save feature. The reason being that I would love to be able to start a new character and go through the fun of building a character up from the start again. But I just cant bring myself to start again. I am lvl 60, have all Keystone Artifacts, 5 Legendary Weapons, I have numerous T4 thralls (including Purge ones), several T3 Shrines and have built a two storey Black Ice mansion. It would just take way to long to build back up to this point as an Offline Singleplayer. Its just too much to lose.

Could anyone technically inclined out there tell me if this feature would be possible, and how difficult would it be to implement? For the record, I play Offline Singleplayer on console (ps4). If you like the idea, feel free to vote it up. Thanks.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I am wondering if it would be difficult for Funcom to implement this as an in-game feature across the platforms.


It shouldn’t be too difficult. You can already do this, at least on PC, by making a backup of your Saved folder, then deleting the saved game, so you can start a new character. Then when you want to return back to your original character, just copy your second save folder somewhere else and replace it with your first character.

At least in theory this should work.

However, this would completely restart the game for the second character, so he wouldn’t have access to the resources, buildings etc. of your first character, and vice versa.

I believe there’s also a mod that lets you have multiple save files without the manual hassle (and potential oops moments when you accidentally delete the wrong folder). So technically speaking, there shouldn’t be any reason why this couldn’t be implemented into the official game.

EDITED to add: If you want multiple characters on the same server, currently the only way as far as I know it would be having multiple accounts.


That sounds like great advice, but if I remember correctly Crom’s Faithful plays in PS4. Other than switching to online from single player, there isn’t a current method to do what he’s looking to do.

I have the same problem with my xbox. I only started playing online last August was so I could have more than one toon at a time. Multiple local save files would be an awesome addition.

You’re right. My reply was more a rather long-winded way to say “yes, it’s technically possible to implement” rather than a “yes, you can do it now” because, as you say, my described method doesn’t work on all platforms.

Well I’m glad it’s technically possible. Hopefully it becomes reality. Thanks for the explanation.

For PC, single-player you can use this little tool I made a million years ago:

No luck for consoles I’m afraid, but figured I’d share since this topic was not tagged as platform-specific.


Correct JTtheDestroyer, I am an Offline Singleplayer. And unfortunately playing online is not really a possibility, as my internet is a laughing stock. Although as you said it is a great idea regardless, thanks Kapoteeni.

Yeah thats what I am hinting at.

While that doesnt help me being an offline ps4 player, Im glad you mentioned it, as it gives other players options. Wish I had it.

That is what I was trying to convey. I am wondering if it would work as an implementable feature added in by Funcom. Im going to edit and clarify the thread…

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Anyone else before this thread calls it a day?


if I understand correctly (google translation), then you want the following:

Start a new character.
But keep everything what the high level caracter has.

This is possible via the admin menu. There you can set the level of the character. You can set Level 1. Then you die. Now start from scratch and have everything you had.

Personally, I would like to have the following. There are at least 3 scores, as with most singleplayer games. I want to start a new game. I want to keep my old score. I do not want to set up an extra account.

Best regards

I am also a litte unsure of what you mean, but I shall try again. I think we both want the same thing, but have just worded it differently. What I want ate three seperate save files (or ‘scores’?) For three completely seperate characters.

Half correct. I would like (ideally) to be able to keep my high level character, but also create a brand new character (or score) who starts from level 1, but does not have access to anything from the high level characters game. They would be 2 completely seperate save files, housing 2 completely seperate characters at different levels of progression. No overlap or sharing of resources.

Do you understand what I am trying to say? If not, I know another German member who may be able to help translate for us. :slight_smile:

No thanks. A translator is hopefully not necessary. :smile:

You want more than one save file. No more and no less.

Then I had misunderstood so far. As long as Funcom does not implement, my suggestion might be the best you can do. Unfortunately.

I just do not know if you can reset the travel steps. You can have a low level character without having to clear your score. (Score is the translation for Save file)

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I am almost sure they discussed this on the last dev stream (or maybe one before). Allowing players to have several different saved games. In essence would allow you to have different “characters” for different game worlds.

It would be like starting several games with different toons. No mention on when they would do it, just that they were thinking about adding it to the game at some stage.

I may be off on this as I am a little ill atm, but I am sure I remember something along those lines.

Really…!? I had no idea dakka, as I rarely ever watch the dev streams, on account of very limited data. I must confess I am surprised, I never thought it would actually come to pass.That is great news if so.

To build a two storey Black Ice manor on Singleplayer Offline took an immense amount of grinding. I just do not think I could bring myself to delete my existing lvl 60 character. However, I do miss starting out as the underdog.

I might actually reach out to Multigun for clarification, as he always has a good ear to the ground for what is in the pipeworks. Its not that I dont believe you, I just want more information. Thanks for this information dakka. :grinning:

@Multigun can you confirm or further expand on any of the details provided by dakka?

Nothing new that I know of. If they are working on a feature for this, it’s news to me, it wasn’t said so in any of the recent dev streams.

On PC you can already have multiple character saves by way of a @Mikey toolbox, or by just copying and renaming a folder. (Which others may have mentioned above, I’m just too tired and lazy to go read right now).

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Ohh thats a shame. But I understand, Im sure they have bigger fish to fry right now.

Mikey has already offered this suggestion. However, I am a ps4 player (Offline Singleplayer), so it is not an option for myself. But I appreciate the clarification and your trying to suggest other options. Thanks.

Ya its ok. I wasn’t very confident in my answer, so don’t blame u reaching out to Multigun…but…check out my link below :stuck_out_tongue:

“No concrete work right now, but its being discussed” (that was for consoles)

EDIT: In case my direct link to discussion doesn’t work. Time stamp is 1:02:37


Any chance of a timestamp? Sitting through an hour+ to find one sentence is a bit long :slight_smile:

My link is a direct link to the actual conversation. You don’t need to watch it all. Just click. But if its not working for you here is a time stamp for you.

1:02:37 (1hr 2mins 37 seconds.

Yeah it just says “this video not available, click to open in YouTube” upon which it’ll start at 0:00. Thanks for the timestamp.

Oh bummer, sorry about that. Will include time stamps from now on, and not add the full URL…if that works.

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