More than one character per Single Player game or more than one Single Player file

I’m not sure how it works on PC but with Xbox we only have one single player file. To make another character users would need to delete their existing file or remake their character (also causing file wide loss of data). I know this has been brought up a bunch in the past but I think it’s worth revisiting. I’d love to be able to create more than one character on a single player game. I love rolling new characters and it would add replay-ability to high level single player files.

At the very least letting us have more than one save file on console would be a huge step in the right direction.


THIS! is exactly what we need

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It’s the same on all 3 Systems, just one singelplayer file. I would also like to have at least have a second one, so I would have one as my main game, and another one to try things out or just play around with admin commands to build stuff etc.^^

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Yah it seems so strange. Some PCs can have tons of HD space… even consoles but for some reason the game only allows you one save file, it’s befuddling at best :woman_shrugging:

The thing I’m doing is I had two Xbox One accounts, and I’d technically have two files. But official would be great! I’ve always wanted it.

Agreed, I was puzzled by that too… What kind of single player mode has only one character save in this day and age?

Yes, I think there needs to be more save files than just one.

having 2 profiles work to have more than one savegame? I’m worried that playing on the other profile will only wipe my savegame on the first one. I’m on ps4 though.

also, can anyone from Funcom please explain the decision behind this choice??

EDIT: I tested this on PS4, I can make offline profiles on my ps4 and use each one of them to make a new savegame without wiping the others. So I can roll my main account coop with my brothers and as many single player characters as I want to make different roleplays and looks. Hope this helps anyone else on console :slight_smile: That is until Funcom solves this.

Yeah I just use another profile to try crazy stuff like admin commands and blowing stuff up.