Why Can't We Have Multiple Single Player Games and Characters

If a modder can create something that could allow us to have several saved games for single player why can’t the devs? Now with the change over even that’s broken.

I mean, I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but this is ridiculous. Other games have done it for years so why is this an issue? Why can’t we have more save options? Why can’t we play more than one single player game without having to delete everything else we’ve created?

Can anyone tell me why this isn’t something we can do? This is not a rant or a attack on anyone, this is really something confuses me.


You can do it without a toolkit. Just rename or backup your Saved folder on your Exiles install folder.


I do what Multigun says.
I zip my save folder, then unzip the other character.
It’s a bit of a pain, and I agree it should’ve been an option right from the start.

But until then we have to be crafty.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try, but still wish it weren’t this way and to be honest, never did it before, so hope I can find the folders. lol

It should’ve, but yeah, have to work with what we’ve got. Do hope they’ll change it, can’t be TOO hard with so many other games giving you the option.

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