To have at least two different solo parts without erasing everything

hello,would it not be possible to play two games in single player mode without deleting another game in progress ??

Just use a different profile mate.

sure, assuming on PC?

Easy way: play one in exiled lands, play another on Siptah (or a custom map via mods). Once siptah releases for console this would be valid there as well.

Harder way: back up your single player save/database to a separate folder. Start a new game (overwriting the old save). back up the new single player save/database to a different folder from the first. When you want to swap games, backup from the live game to the appropriate folder then overwrite the live database with the other backup. Fairly sure I saw someone go over this on you tube in better detail.

Sadly, no in-game method to run multiple single player games (aside from by different maps). Except perhaps with mods?

They really should add that feature, but on PC it is very simple:
The savegames are in
\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved
The Exiled Lands save is: game.db
The Siptah save is: DLC_Siptah.db
Simply save them elsewhere. Also the ones with “backup” in their names are actually autosaves, and can be used by removing the “backup_x” part.

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