Guide for soloplayers to move stuff between official servers using 1 computer

The new Character transfer didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but even with the current solution, it is still possible for soloplayers on official servers to move stuff between bases on different servers using just 1 computer, yes even between Exiled Lands and Siptah.
There are a few requirements though, you need to off course make sure that the official rules for server transfer is met, you can read about them in the link below :slight_smile:

Also you need a decent gaming computer, a good internet connection, 2 steam accounts with Conan Exiles and Siptah(in case you want to move stuff between Exiled Lands and Siptah) and an account for a game streaming cloud service that offers Steam access to Conan Exiles, Geforce Now does and that is what I used in my experiment since they also offer free access with some limitations, but it works :slight_smile:

Below is a step by step on how I did it, but you can totally do some of the things differently than I did :slight_smile:

  1. You want to make sure that you have 2 Steam accounts each owning at least Conan Exiles, and if you want to move stuff between EL and Siptah then you will also need Siptah on both accounts.

  2. Go to Geforce Now website and download their app, alternatively you may be able to stream the game using their browser version, but I used the windows app
    Download GeForce NOW

  3. Create a GeForce Now account, it doesn’t have to be the paid version, I used the free version with limitations.

  4. Create a new character with your 2nd Steam account on one of the official servers you want to move stuff to and from, make sure you only have one (alt)character on the servers you want to move between all together otherwise character transfer won’t work.
    (You can do this from your computer by logging into your second account in the Steam app, no need to use Geforce Now stream just yet)

  5. Once you have created a character on one of the servers you play on, you can move this character to somewhere else than the starting area(perhaps your nearest base) or just log out of this account for the next step.

  6. You may now log into your main steam account and log into the Conan Exiles server where you created the extra character, now it is time to move your main character to where the second character is.

  7. Once you see the second character, it is time to launch Conan Exiles on Geforce Now and use your second steam account(if you haven’t already done it)

  8. Using your main character now invite your second character to your clan, make sure that the second character isn’t unconscious(if you haven’t got a clan then it is a good time to create one)

  9. Once you have invited the second character to your clan you should switch(alt+tab) to the Geforce Now version running Conan Exiles with your second character and accept the invitation to join your clan.

That’s it, you have now succesfully added your second character to your clan, it is the same process every time you use that character to move stuff between your different servers, below is a screenshot of me using an alt character to move 9 thralls + some other stuff from Exiled Lands to Siptah using the above mentioned method, it took me a little less than an hour from start to finish :slight_smile:


Of course your post cannot help me but it is awesome, great job @Frillen :+1:t6:. I play on Playstation so I cannot do anything about it, yet it is very cool. I believe that every old player has chests full of recipes, and playing a few days with your second character will totally take you to lvl 60, with all the possible recipes Exile lands can provide. I am really sure @JJDancer will be very happy. Thank you once more, nice job m8 :+1:t6:

I know it isn’t perfect, but I see it is a decent solution for soloplayers on official servers that do not have access to 2 computers or know someone that can help them get their alt character into their own clan after a transfer :slight_smile:
Yes it requires having the game on 2 steam accounts, but more people than you know have 2 or more alt characters on servers, especially pvp players :slight_smile:


I was actually contemplating setting up a virtual machine on my PC, but I may try this instead. Great information, thank you!

Not sure why feel the need to say this, but you would be surprised how many of us have more than one steam account with CE on it.


It’s just as easy on PS you just need two PS accounts. :wink:


They could have done server transfers better.

Let’s be honest. What most people REALLY want,is the ability to keep their home but travel to another map.

This is why something like a tool cupboard system from Rust would be so good for Conan Exiles.

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Technically I have 3, me my son and my daughter. Yet I have only one console, so I don’t know if i can invite an unconscious body to my clan, I never try it. Yet in any case I will play Siptah like Siptah, I don’t care if I won’t have all the recipes of Exile lands, all I care is to have in Siptah, whatever this map can provide.
If I want to do the other way around and have some fun, when I totally decode Siptah I will fix a character to travel to Exile lands. Because for me Exile lands is home not Siptah :wink:

Edit. I fixed an avatar from my daughters account. I took the avatar to my home in 3728. I log out and I log in from my account. I invited the unconscious avatar on my clan, I logged out and log in back to the other avatar by I didn’t find this clan invite. Is there any other option to do it, have I did something wrong, any advice will be really appreciated, thank you :+1:t6:

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Exactly correct.

Same for myself.
To me Siptah is like the Jungle Biome. Wildly beautiful, but with a poor layout and mostly annoying mobs. I only go there to get things I need.


I might be able to help you out I’ll message you through PSN.


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