2 Accounts 1 PC - How?


I was wondering if anyone knows how to run 2 Conan Exiles on 1 PC? Ive got 2 accounts, but play solo and I would like to move things from Siptah to Exiled Lands and vice versa, without losing my bases on every transfer. Ive managed to get 2 steams going, but I cant get past the Conan launcher. Any help is much appriciated

Edit below for clarification:

I have 2 seperate steam accounts and 2 Conan Exiles games. I want to be able to play both, online, on official servers at the same time on 1 PC. Im playing the Exiled Lands map, but want to bring stuff over from Siptah so I need the 2nd account to avoid my main account base being without a clan/owner.

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Welcome to the forums, Oxy!

Hope someone else can help you out, i’ll poke you ingame if I have any more ideas :smiley:

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If you can’t get two instances of conan to play at the same time then off the top of my head you could run a Virtual Machine on the same PC and launch another game in it. You’re probably going to need a beefy computer to do that if there is no better solution.

I do have a rather beefy PC (I think, Im not very tech savvy) and Ive managed to get 2 Steams and 2 Conans open at once, but the 2nd Conan game keep saying “Steam online services are unresponsive”.
Ive been using Sandboxie to get this far and my best bet is it has something to do with BattleEye not working properly for the 2nd account. Was hoping someone out here had a good solution, this one seems rather messy (and so far not a solution either).

I see. I’d be interested to know if you find a solution. Good luck :slight_smile:

wait at the same time?

I have 4 accounts but have never been able to get steam to let run more than one,good luck

Not sure if I understand the problem correctly, but I’ll try: If you play single player (or on a private server), you could just copy the databases:

  • Make a copy of your database.
  • Transfer character from EL to Siptah.
  • Play there, collect stuff.
  • Before transferring back to EL, copy the old EL database back into the game/server folder.

That should solve the problem without needing two accounts - I think.

I’ve done this many times and made a guide about how to run 2 instances of Conan Exiles on the same computer using a game stream like Gforce Now in free version :slight_smile:


Welcome @Oxymoron.
I believe that every single player version can activate co op. So all you have to do is the next time activate co op and invite a friend.
Invite your friend to each clan of each map and this way when you’ll travel, all your structures will be saved. When you’ll need to come back, you will activate co op again and your friend will help you once again to return to your clan.

You need to family share Conan Exiles.

That link should give you the step by step instructions.

If you are playing solo on your own computer and not online, then Battle eye is pointless. AFAIK, it is intended for server play.

Also, if you only have one licensed copy of Conan on steam (such as with family share), you can only have one instance running at a time. I run Conan on my laptop using a shared account from my desktop. launching Conan on the desktop kicks my laptop (family shares) account out of the game. I can log into either account on either machine to connect to a rented private server or play different solo games. Just not at the same time.

Your stated intent is to run two copies of Steam and two copies of Conan on a single computer. At the same time? If so, why?

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They want to use an alt character to move stuff to and from Siptah and Exiled Lands without losing ownership of their buildings on their primary. They said this in their OP.


He said he has two Steam accounts so it should be easy (LOL).

  1. Set up a VM.
  2. One Steam account to your metal Windows install and one to the VM.
  3. Do the family share thing.
  4. Set your dedicated server to PVP mode.
  5. Have the VM based character mule things to the metal account’s approximate base location and place the items in boxes.
  6. Log off the VM account.
  7. Log on to the metal account and loot the boxes.

How server transfers work on the dedicated server, I have no idea.

If you however want the characters to be in the same clan you will either need a 3rd person or a second CE license. A second CE license will additionally allow the VM and Metal characters to be on the map at the same time.

All that said though, why not just use the Admin Panel on the Metal account in the first place? Then you can just spawn in the wanted items.

Can’t you just switch between the accounts and put the items you want to transfer in an open chest? I see no need to have Conan running 2x at once.

Another option would be to admin spawn the items you want to transfer and delete those items on the original map.

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in offline solo, ownership is irrelevant. the ‘server’ isn’t running unless the player is logged in, so there is no degradation, no destruction of assets.

This maybe only matters if the solo player has made a clan (of one) in their single player game. EDIT: But I do not believe it should matter.

If it is truly a worry, the OP can back up their save game to an alternate location prior to jumping maps as a test.

I moved maps in solo and as there is only a single player allowed, when I arrived on the new map, my transferred character took possession of the assets already existing from the other character (which was deleted). EDIT: Note that this is different from how it works on servers (official and private) by design for offline solo players.

If he is wanting to keep both characters on both maps, he would likely be better off setting up a server on a spare PC, running 2 copies of the conan server on it, then using the mod that freely allows linking two servers for easy server transfer.

EDIT: added comments. TLDR: It is possible to transfer between Exiled Lands and Siptah in offline solo without losing assets without multiple accounts.

Most of you have misunderstood my question, largely because of my poor phrasing, so allow me to clarify some things. I play “solo” in the sense of no teammates, not that Im playing single player.

I wish to play 2 different accounts at the same time on 1 computer on offical servers. (I have 2 seperate Steam accounts and Conan Exiles games)

Im going to keep playing my main account on official servers in the Exiled Lands and wanted my 2nd account to be travelling back and forth from Siptah to Exiled and vice versa. That way my main account in the Exiled Lands can just invite the secondary account without ever having to leave the clan or bases without an owner.

I appriciate all the help and I hope this clarifies my intentions.

Hmm. seems like a steam issue of that is what is blocking you. You may get better help from the steam forums regarding running two instances of steam concurrently on the same rig.

Do you have access to a ‘potato pc’ you could run the game on (older laptop or desktop, not your main rig)? may be easier to log into one steam account with that and have the solo clan member that stays on the server (el and siptah) use that while your transfer character bounces back and forth on the main rig.

You can log into either steam account on either machine, just not a single account at the same time on both machines.

Seems like a lot of work to game the play instead of playing the game, IMO.

I have figured out how to get 2 steams running, no problem there. I can play CS:GO on both accounts a once, the thing stopping me from playing 2 Conans atm seems to be BattleEye not working properly on the 2nd account when Im running it.

I can log on to Conan on my main account and play it, while also logging into Conan on my 2nd account, but the account I Iog in to last cant find any servers and just says “Steam online services are unresponsive” or something along those lines.

I do have other PCs, but the whole point was not having to have to log out of acc1 to play acc2 and having to have 2 pcs, 2 keyboards and 2 mouse is even less attractive.

Ah. Battle Eye: required Since you are playing on official servers. Sorry i have no expertise with either battle eye or playing on official servers.

Good luck.