Can two accounts play on the same computer? (At different times)

Hey guys, my wife and I are travelling and only have our laptop, where normally we have our own computers. We have our own clans on the same public server. If she logs into her Steam account on my laptop and installs her copy of Conan Exiles, will it overwrite my save? Does Funcom allow two Steam accounts coming from the same hardware ID on the same server? Any other concerns before we try it?


They will share the same save. Nothing will be deleted UNLESS someone selects a new game.

So if she logs in normally, she will see your buildings. But if she starts a new game, it will wipe your save out.


I have multiple accounts and log in each individually on Steam without rewrites on public servers.

The only problems are that it resets your inventory sorting choices and preferences for nudity.


Yes ,as long as your steam accounts are separate, meaning you have two separate bought copies of CE on each account your saves are seperate.

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