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We have a family PC we use for gaming. There are 6 separate Windows user accounts and each person has their own Steam account. Conan Exiles was purchased on two different Steam accounts but each account seems to be using the same Conan Exiles save game file. Both Steam users started a new solo game and we can each see the other users stuff in game. Also, when one user resets their game it resets for the other person as well. Since we have two separate game purchases how is it using one save file? Can this be changed?

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I don’t know much about Family Share, but I’ll at least point to where the directory is.

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

This is where your saved folder is contained. Somebody who has more knowledge about this then me should chime in, but here is my suggestion:

  1. Manually rename the Saved Folder to whoever plans on using it for their turn. You can have multiple Saved Files this way (server settings, the whole nine yards). So you can have Saved - Dadditude, Saved - Junior, Saved - Mom, etc. You just rename the saved folder you want to use to “Saved” when you want to use that Saved file.

  2. Or, use @Mikey’s still very functional single player toolbox. Linky here (Sorry Mikey, I lost your official forum topic but still have your Reddit bookmarked ha ha)

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But we’re not sharing the game using Steam Family Sharing, we have purchased the game on two different Steam accounts on the same computer. Logging into Steam on two different Windows user accounts and two different Steam accounts uses the same saved game files?

I really have no idea, but I guess so? If Steam/Conan Exiles uses the same install directory for both user accounts, then that would make sense.

I’m hoping somebody who has way more experience with this can chime in. Mikey’s toolbox should work though.

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I’m trying Mikey’s toolbox. It can’t see my install folder on startup and asks me to enter the location manually. I copy the location path from explorer and the toolbox errors out. Also, thanks for the assistance.

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Hmm, no idea. Mikey would know more, though not sure how much troubleshooting he can offer when its a multiple user setup. If worse really came to worse, you can try the manual trick I mentioned. That REALLY should work, just more effort involved.

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Out of disk space economy, Steam preserves the same disk structure for games irrespective of users. Some games place saves within the user’s specific Appdata folder. Conan Exiles doesn’t do this.

If I create a new character as steamid:Master Pain and then log out of Steam, then log in as steamid:Barnes, I will be playing as Barnes in Master Pain’s world. As in “on his server.”

The simplest, but most disk-consuming way to fix this is to designate and duplicate to another CE installation in another directory. For example my wife and I share the same living room gaming PC, and her CE points to an entirely different SSD, let alone directory.


That makes sense. Thanks.

It should be possible with my toolbox also (without copying the entire install directory). I am not home atm (typing from phone) but I’ll look into any potential issues with detecting the install directory etc when I’m back. Entering it manually should’ve worked in any case though.

Rather than a whole new install, just have each user copy their save folder when they log out, and move it back in when they want to play.

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