Question Re: Saves and New Games

I have been playing this for a little while in SP and enjoying it very much indeed. My son has watched me play a bit and is interested in it also and would like to try it out on my pc, as his laptop would not run it.

My question is what files would I need to backup so that he can create a character in sp to play the game and then backup HIS game and put mine back so I can continue in my game?

I am surprised that there is only one save slot to be honest so I would like to know what to do here so my son can play this too.


Copy and rename the “Saved” folder found in:

steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Rename the game you intend to play as “Saved” and the game will only use the one named Saved.

Alternatively, here is an app @Mikey made a while back that works great too. Linky to Mikey’s old reddit thread is here.

Thankyou VERY much for that. I thought that backing up the Saved folder would be enough but wasn’t certain. However that program you mentioned looks even better so I will certainly give it a go :slight_smile:
Thanks again for you help, it’s much appreciated…

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