Any plans for adding more save files?

Hi, sorry if my formatting is off or if this has been asked before–first time poster here.

Does anyone know if the devs have any plans for adding more saves to the game so we could have our own games as well as games we play with friends? If not, what’s keeping them from it? I think having this option would open up so many more possibilities for gameplay.


You can already do this yourself. Just backup/rename your Saved folder in your install directory. I assume you are referring to PC, no idea how it works on console.


I don’t know what platform you’re on, but servers all have their own saves, separate from single player.

So on PC you could down load Dedicated Server Launcher 1.3.5, And host your friends and keep your SP game separate.

Or if you would rather just host a Co-op there is Mikeys toolbox
Sorry I can’t find a current link, so I decided to summon @Mikey himself :wink:
Stay tuned.

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The game really should provide a UI for handling this, especially for console players.

For PC players, as mentioned you can do it yourself or you can use a program that provides a decent UI for it:


On PS4 you can backup your save to USB, make new save and backup that also. Then you can restore the one you need (just remember to backup one every time you need to restore the other)

Crappy way, but yeah…


Yea I really wish they just gave an ingame option to use different saves :pensive: im not very good with tech and stuff like that so using the kind of methods mentioned here seems really intimidating because i’ll constantly be anxious about messing something up and losing my base :sob: :sob:

still gonna try the solutions in this thread tho–wish me luck :flushed:

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