Question or two on the Solo mode Saved Data?

Hey just wanted to know a few things like if there is a location somewhere, in a folder on my pc with the solo game saved data. I know online wouldn’t be possible but I would think solo mode would be fine. Which also makes me wonder if solo mode could be played offline? I tried once but it asked to start a new game I think. Which I was reluctant to do since it could of over written my online saved data, or maybe it wouldn’t of started at all. Idk thats why if I knew I could back up the data myself and try it out to see. But still make me feel more at ease knowing I could back it up, cuz even though I enjoy most of he gameplay, farming materials and constantly building stuff. Does take its toll after a while but its cool as long as I don’t have to keep doing it from scratch. Cuz I’m done using the administrater cheat thing, cuz no games fun without a challenge and without feeling the reward of earning stuff yourself.

alright thanks i appreciate it

You can have 1 online game, and 1 local solo/coop game saved. I personally backup the entire saved folder. Find it easier to just copy/past the entire folder and for backups I append the date to the folder, something like Saved.19.04.18 but what @Shadoza is correct.

I just don’t like mixing my log files and such, which is why I keep my entire saved folders separate. I also do a lot of testing for mods (and run my own server for LAN use). So I do a ton of backing up. Had to restore several times. Just a tip, sometimes the log files can cause the game to crash or not start, so keep that in mind. You can just delete the log file (or entire folder) if needed. Also why i keep my log files separated now.

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I do the same regularly. I have a separate hard drive for backups (of various things, not just Conan Exiles save games) I can easily remove from my computer if something breaks and I need to send it to a cpmputer repair shop where a bored serviceperson thinks restoring everything to factory default settings and wiping all my hard drives might fix a faulty graphics card (thanks Acer, I appreciated that!).


LOL, yea i was a techy engineer dude in a past life. ALL my data is saved to my nas, and backed up to another disk on my nas. Anything on my PC’s are disposable in case of HDD crash (like from power outages and such). Best way to go!

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